When it comes to insurance, there are a few names in Germany that everyone knows! Allianz is definitely one of them and if you trust them when it comes to health and protection, why not trust them as an employer?

Allianz offers exciting job opportunities. | © Allianz

Since 1890, Allianz has been working to provide people with security as one of the most trusted insurance and asset management companies. All of you who are already employed have probably already used the services of Allianz, or at least considered it. However, it should not be overlooked that Allianz also offers security as an employer.

Not without reason is Allianz listed as one of the best employers of 2023. Especially those among you who are not too satisfied with their current employment, or who are just starting their professional life, should consider once again whether they might want to pursue a career at Allianz.

Especially for IT-savvy people, Allianz offers a wide range of career opportunities, and if gamers are known for one thing, it's our affinity for technology!

What Does Allianz Have To Do With Gaming?

If you are now wondering why Allianz is advertising itself as an employer on a gaming site, then the answer is quite simple. As an employer, it is important to stay on top of the current job market, and Allianz recognizes the potential that gamers have in the job market!

As an insurance company, it is also important to be familiar with current developments in order to adequately protect customers from potential risk factors. For this reason, Allianz has also extensively dealt with technological innovations such as the Metaverse and how to best navigate it.

Allianz: What Kind Of Work Do You Do There?

If you are now seriously considering applying to Allianz as an employer, it is of course next important to know what opportunities are available. Even though you can always check this on the career page of Allianz, we have selected 5 positions for you here:

  • Junior Actuary/Data Scientist:
  • Marketing for Insurance and Financial Investments
  • Executive Assistant Programmer
  • IT Trainee
  • Bachelor of Computer Science

Those with work experience enjoy a wide selection of job offers, and can look for suitable positions according to their specialty in finance, insurance, marketing & communication, law, and many more.

But that's not all! Fresh graduates can also make a quick and successful start in their professional life thanks to the wide range of trainee programs. However, those who are still busy with their studies and first want to gain work experience on the side, can choose something suitable from the offered internships and jobs for students.

It is evident that Allianz is broadly positioned and even offers students the opportunity of an apprenticeship or a dual study program!

Depending on which of these categories you fall into, you can take a look at the corresponding pages (we have of course linked them appropriately for you), to see if you find something that you like.

The Benefits Of A Position At Allianz

Those who work at Allianz enjoy a lot of benefits that are really suitable for an insurance company:

  • Contractual special payments
  • Variable remuneration
  • Company pension & health insurance
  • Employee shares
  • Flexible working hours & part-time models
  • 30 days of vacation, plus 24.12. and 31.12. are work-free.
  • Childcare
  • Support in care cases
  • Working from abroad for 25 days a year
  • Tax-free travel allowance for the Germany job ticket
  • Corporate benefits in the form of discounts from certain providers
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Company sports
  • Job bike

The amount of benefits Allianz offers to its employees really makes it an attractive employer for anyone looking for a sustainable employment relationship! There really is something for everyone, and in particular the offer of childcare makes Allianz an extremely attractive employer for anyone considering starting a family.

Allianz Remote
Allianz offers some really great benefits. | © Allianz

The company sports and flexible working hours, as well as the company pension and health insurance, paint the picture of an employer who understands the value of a sustainable working relationship and values the health and satisfaction of its employees.

In times of an increasingly digital society, the 25 days you can work from abroad are also very welcome. You can enjoy your 30 days of vacation, and additionally work almost a whole month from abroad. Especially in winter, I would personally like to take advantage of this offer and work from a beach in Thailand!

Also, for a flourishing career, training and development opportunities are provided, so those looking for a good job in the IT industry (or another suitable field) are exactly right at Allianz. Check out our Job-Page, where you will find both offers from Allianz and a variety of other interesting jobs for gamers.