Dr. Oetker

Everyone has heard of Dr. Oetker and has probably eaten a frozen pizza or used a baking mix or something similar from the company. But did you know that Dr. Oetker also has exciting job opportunities?

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Dr. Oetker is looking for gamers | © Dr. Oetker

Everyone has probably heard of Dr. Oetker, right? A trip to the local supermarket and voilà, we see a lot of Dr. Oetker products. As gamers, you probably know mostly the frozen pizzas and other tasty ready-to-eat products, but most probably don't realize that the company Dr. Oetker also has a connection to gaming and offers numerous interesting jobs in the digital field.

Today, we introduce you to the company in more detail, explain Dr. Oetker's commitment to the gaming sector, and show why you might find your next dream job here.

Dr. Oetker And Gaming

The company, which is now active for over 130 years, keeps up with the times and is thus also engaged in the booming gaming market. With La Mia Grande, Dr. Oetker supports the Esports and gaming community under the campaign #TeamUp4Grande, organizing events such as Passion Streams with well-known influencers. Large charity events like Friendly Fire are also on the program, and since 2019, La Mia Grande has been a sponsor for the Prime League – the League of Legends league for all LoL fans from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

As you can see, the company is well aware that today's generations can also be reached through gaming, streams, and influencers, and is accordingly engaged. But this also includes digitalization and the right personnel.

Dr. Oetker: Be Part Of The Digital Transformation

Like many large established companies of today, Dr. Oetker is always looking for young digital talents to help in the development of sales channels, expansion of digital business models, and optimization of existing processes and systems. But it's not just experienced professionals and graduates who are sought after and supported; Dr. Oetker also offers exciting opportunities for school students and university students.

Dr Oetker Zusammenarbeit
Dr. Oetker is looking for new employees | © Dr. Oetker

For jobseekers, Dr. Oetker offers a wide range of entry opportunities, regardless of which specialist area you are interested in: At Dr. Oetker, you have the opportunity to develop yourself further within the framework of many exciting tasks and projects and to accompany the transformation of the company.

Some of you will probably find the offers for school students particularly exciting. Dr. Oetker offers the possibility of a dual study program or an apprenticeship. Here is a selection of the apprenticeships:

  • Electronics technician for operating technology
  • Specialist for food technology
  • Industrial clerks
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • Dual student B.A. Business Administration with training
  • Dual student B.Sc. business informatics with training

If you're thinking: "But I'm already studying", don't worry, you can gain your first practical experience as an intern or working student during your studies. For Master's graduates, Dr. Oetker offers cross-departmental collaboration with national and international colleagues, an assignment abroad lasting several months and independent station planning.

Dr. Oetker As An Employer

As you can see, Dr. Oetker indeed offers a lot of jobs for young, tech-enthusiastic gamers, but it doesn't stop there. What benefits does the company offer you? Don't worry, Dr. Oetker scores well here too:

Dr Oetker Kicker
Dr. Oetker is doing a lot for eployer branding | © Dr. Oetker
  • Flexible working hours models
  • 30 days of vacation + Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve
  • Attractive compensation according to the company tariff agreement
  • Remote working (depending on the area of responsibility)
  • Company pension scheme
  • Health management
  • Discounts at the Staff store
  • Development through training, coaching & development programs
  • Staff restaurant

All in all, Dr. Oetker not only offers a variety of exciting jobs that can also be interesting for gamers, but also many benefits that make the company a good employer. If you want to learn a bit more, then check out the Career To Go Podcast.