Ever wondered what it's like to be a part of the gaming industry? Here's your chance to find out at EA.

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Electronic Arts is always on the lookout for new talents | © EA

For lots of gamers, EA has been with them from the start and iconic moments are ingrained in their minds: the classic "EA Sports – It's in the game!" is probably something everyone remembers. Or how about the cold sweat when the burglar theme started in The Sims and you realized with a start that you didn't put an alarm next to your front door? Iconic!

The point is: lots of people have played EA games and do so until today. So, why not be a part of the team? Watching from afar and enjoying games is nice and well, but EA also has amazing job opportunities and we're here to show you what's in store for you!

EA Is Way More Than Just A Gaming Company

Let's start with the basics, shall we? EA has been around for quite some time now and has been founded in 1982. Back then, having a computer at home wasn't really common and video games didn't have the huge fanbase they have now. So, EA was pretty much a pioneer of the gaming world.

Behind the scenes, EA isn't only passionate about gaming. They always aim for improvement – different cultures, diversity, equity and inclusion are some of EA's most important missions for their employees. They also do their part in protecting the environment. If you want at responsible employer, EA might just be the thing for you.

And it's not only game developers they are looking for, though. A massive company like EA needs a whole lot of people to make sure things run smoothly – here they are.

Job Opportunities At EA

EA Headquarters
EA Headquarters | © EA

There are quite a few different branches where EA is always on the lookout for new talents.

Game Development, Technology & Engineering

Obviously, new games need clever minds to build them. That means EA is looking for game designers, programmers, artists, animators and audio engineers, as well as IT professionals and engineers to maintain the technological infrastructure that supports EA's games and platforms.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing professionals handle promoting EA's games through various channels, including advertising, social media, and public relations.

Business & Operations

This category encompasses roles in finance, human resources, legal, and project management, ensuring the smooth operation of the company.

You don't even need to relocate if you see yourself in one of those categories – remote work is only one of many benefits at EA. They also include health insurance, retirement plans and even wellness programs, as well as discounts on EA games.

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