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The hotspot for gaming, entertainment and esports is located in the heart of Munich: EarlyGame. As an up-and-coming company, we are the top point of contact for news in the scene and if you want to live out your creative side in a young and dynamic team that is hard to beat, you shouldn't miss the chance to join us!

EarlyGame's Mission And How We Achieve It

As a startup with a great passion for gaming and entertainment, we strive every day to become the perfect hub for news about indie games, AAA titles, esports, and the latest movies and series. All the information at a glance – that's EarlyGame.

From well-researched articles from experienced journalists covering current topics and all-time favorites in the scene, to our YouTube channel with videos that you just can't get enough of, there's definitely something for users who share our passion on a daily basis – always with love for the craft.

Also, we love to pat ourselves on the back...

EarlyGame – The Place To Be For All Kinds Of Talents!

Apart from the fact that our team is absolutely flawless (and humble) in terms of character, there is talent of all kinds here: content creators and journalists that would have made Shakespeare green with envy if there had been a gaming scene in his day. Video producers that Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron could learn a thing or two from. A business team that makes the Wolf of Wall Street look old. Social media professionals who have played the internet.Sounds good? Then we'd like to make it even better: if you don't see yourself in Munich, you can also join the team remotely. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to compete in Super Smash Bros. or EA Sports FC 24 on the in-house consoles is always welcome – regardless of whether you're traveling from Cologne, Berlin, London or anywhere else!If this sounds like an environment you'd like to check out, then don't be shy and apply – we're looking forward to expanding the team!