Best of Indian Indies: “Project Madras goes viral”

There is a new game called ”Project Madras” made by Indie Indian developers and it has created excitement in people. The game is developed in Unreal Engine 5 and looks amazing because it uses the latest features of Unreal Engine 5 nanite and lumen.

In "Project Madras," players get to explore the vibrant city of Chennai. It's a semi-linear open-world game where gamers can roam around famous spots like Marina Beach, walk through the streets of Mount Road, and admire historical monuments in Chennai.

Project Madras
Project Madras Poster © Project Madras

In the latest video by the developer of the game, He explains the game genre is similar to GTA and Watch Dogs but with some South Indian film-style missions and gameplay rooted within Chennai city which is very interesting. The game is supposed to be interactive where the character can go swimming and drive a rickshaw, complete the mission and much more.

The gunplay looks to be at the initial stage and as said by the developers they have not invested time in perfecting the animations because they plan to use Motion capture to further develop the animations for the game and save time and resources. And the studio is looking to expand their team to further develop the game.

In the latest Trailer of the game which was released a few days back as of writing this article, you can see small and big changes to the game where the character is Riding a bike to the UPI scanner in a rickshaw.The game has got immense support from gamers all over the world and India.Here is what @TamilUltimateGaming, a user from YouTube has to say: "Looking awesome, can't wait to play it ❤ soo... excited". Another user @nikmlnkr says: "Good stuff guys! All the best ❤"

Although the game is in the early development phase it's going to create a spark amongst Indian gaming enthusiasts. Project Madras is set to launch on PC in the beginning and will be launched on console later. The game is currently showing on Steam and can be wishlisted.

Sarvesh Joshi
Sarvesh Joshi