Bullet Echo India: A Unique Approach Yet Again By Krafton

Bullet Echo India, officially available from April 4, 2024, is a “specially tailored Indian version” of the game by Krafton.

Bullet Echo India A Unique Approach
Bullet Echo India is a “specially tailored Indian version” of the game by Krafton. | © KRAFTON, Inc.

Bullet Echo, one of the most popular PvP tactical titles is finally getting an Indian version. But is it really necessary? And will it have the same level of impact as BGMI? As we saw the rise of many action shooters, perhaps battle royales, Bullet Echo takes a different route.

It comes with a 2D design but contains a lot of fun-filled small rounds for players to leverage. So, let’s uncover the effects of this new launch and how it will affect the Indian mobile gaming industry.

Bullet Echo India: A Unique Approach

Bullet Echo is a top-down action shooting game with various new modes and interesting gameplay. The game usually comes with a 2-minute round, which is enough to get your gears grinding, aiming to be on top of the round.

While the game has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store if we talk about the international version, ZeptoLab, the development studio behind Bullet Echo, has decided to collaborate with Krafton, the makers of BGMI, to create an Indian-specific version of Bullet Echo.

If we look at the game’s official website and the description, we will suddenly find that Krafton is mentioned. Upon more research, Bullet Echo has announced in-game that Bullet Echo India is a “specially tailored Indian version” of the game, and it is officially available from April 4, 2024.

However, was this move necessary, and what was the need for a separate game for a country when you already have a massively successful title worldwide?

Why is Bullet Echo India Necessary
Bullet Echo is one of the most popular PvP tactical titles. | © KRAFTON, Inc.

Why is Bullet Echo India Necessary?

It’s quite surprising to see that a game like Bullet Echo, with tens of millions of downloads, is being replaced in India. Not only is this a localized title but it is also by Krafton, which is other than the original publisher.

But in this case, the developers have almost convinced everybody that this move is needed. Firstly, India comes with millions of gamers and when BGMI was released, we saw massive hype and how it took over the Indian gaming market.

BGMI has over 100 million+ downloads and with Bullet Echo, the developers have one focus that could initiate a whole new series for sales that ZeptoLab hasn’t even tapped into. This partnership will not only bring a localized version but also specific content related to India and the Indian culture, which will make the users relate more to the game.

Will Bullet Echo India Have The Same Impact as BGMI?

With the preregistration hype and Indian-specific content, Krafton is taking an interesting move here. BGMI’s massive success was the trigger that inspired them to make a similar move on Bullet Echo.

But just imagine that this game will feature Indian skins and characters, including those from BGMI like the BGMI stalker. With Krafton’s expertise in marketing and making a game viral and India’s player base's massive trust in them, there are more chances that Bullet Echo India will get hyped in the country.

Moreover, the Indian-specific events and skins will support the cause, allowing more people to join just because it is more relevant to the culture. Rest, we will need to let the game enter the market and see its impact on whether it makes the same impact as BGMI or not.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey