Mumbai Gullies: A GTA-Style Game by GameEon Studios That Received Wide Praise at GDC 2024

Mumbai Gullies, which recently went to GDC 2024, is a GTA-style game by an Indian developer that fans have been waiting for a long time.

Mumbai Gullies
Mumbai Gullies by GameEon Studios| © GameEon Studios

Mumbai Gullies is arguably one of the best-looking open-world games that Indian Gamers have heard quite recently. This action-adventure game, based in Mumbai, has the potential to rival some of the biggest competitors like games from Rockstar Games, and what we have heard from the studio is quite convincing.

Mumbai Gullies - An Innovation Turned Global

Mumbai Gullies is an open-world action-adventure game that aims to provide a good look at life in Mumbai city in India. The game is perfectly designed in a way where you see every bit of Mumbai. From the tallest skyscrapers to the not-so-enticing slums, the game depicts an amazing contrast of the city.

It is a third-person shooter developed by the studio called GameEon Studios, which is owned by one of the popular YouTubers from India named Nikhil Malankar. Nikhil decided to make Mumbai Gullies to not only give the world a better look at how talented Indian developers are but also to cater to the needs of Indian gamers.

Mumbai Gullies is a type of game that we’ve never seen before. Sure, we might have seen some similar concepts, but imagine a Rockstar Games level of title but it is all based in the city of Mumbai.

Early Impression and Feedback of Mumbai Gullies

My first impressions of Mumbai Gullies have been rather interesting. While we haven’t gotten to experience the game fully yet, since the demo version is yet to be released between April and June of this year, we have seen enough to fully understand its potential.

Mumbai Gullies An Innovation Turned Global
Mumbai Gullies is currently referred to as a GTA-style game by an Indian developer. | © GameEon Studios

One of the most interesting aspects of Mumbai Gullies is the voice acting and dialogue. The game just gets the lingo and the context right, providing games with an unexplainable experience.

Moreover, the graphics are just stunning and the buildings give you a great sense of what a true open-world title should look like. The game has even been termed as a GTA-styled game by an Indian developer.

However, one of the things that users have complained about is that the earlier build has a laggy performance with choppy animations, even causing dizziness to some users. But the game is still in development, which is why we shouldn’t judge it.

Nikhil Malankar’s Q/A about Mumbai Gullies

The genius behind Mumbai Gullies is Nikhil Malankar, an Indian gaming YouTube with more than 115,000 subscribers, who has already answered a lot of our questions regarding Mumbai Gullies. Firstly, we will get to see the first true demo between April and June.

Then, the game is still under development and there’s a lot of new things that will be added. However, according to Nikhil, after he decided to go public at the popular GDC 2024 event in America, he saw a positive response from the general public and game developers.

One of the key figures from Sony Interactive, Shohei Yoshida also showed a huge interest in Mumbai Gullies and according to Nikhil and GameEon Studios, the public is stunned and constantly waiting for the game’s release.

Overall, Mumbai Gullies has surprised the whole world with its stunning graphics, unique gameplay, and a very good depiction of modern-day Mumbai City. While the game is still far from actual release, we have gotten some amazing responses from the public, and the studio is working hard to create a record-breaking game.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey