The Palace on the Hill: What to expect from a game set in 90s rural India?

The Palace on the Hill is a relatable story set in 90s rural India by Niku Games - a small indie studio making India proud.

The Palace on the Hill
The Palace on the Hill finally has its Steam store page. | © Niku Games

Recently, there has been a huge boom in games that are based on Indian culture. One of the newest titles is The Palace on the Hill, an upcoming game set in 90s rural India. This game has caught the eyes of many with its unique setting, entertaining graphics, and rather soothing gameplay.

In this review, we are covering everything you need to know about the game. While it is still not released, we’ve seen the demo version, which is surprising to the gaming industry.

The Relaxed Aspect and Setting of The Palace on the Hill

The key highlight of The Palace on the Hill is its setting and environment. Right off the bat, you get a relaxed aspect and a rather soothing serene vibe that almost takes you to rural India. While the game is pretty forward with you fetching quests, growing crops, and doing all sorts of slice-of-life things, the graphics are what breathe life into this game.

Remember Animal Crossing? The Palace on the Hill gives a similar vibe but it is much more relaxing and if you’re from India, you’re going to experience your childhood, in a game that is built in your usual and regular little village.

The Palace on the Hill The Relaxed Aspect and Setting
The Palace on the Hill is a game set in 90s rural India. | © Niku Games

Straightforward Yet Shocking Gameplay

So far, we have seen the prologue of The Palace on the Hill and we only have one thing to say, it’s AWESOME. As you enter the game, you can choose your favorite language and there are multiple languages including English, English (Hindi), Hindi, and a lot more.

The gameplay is very serene with nature sounds coming from all over, and you wake up in your village home, and from there, you have to start your life in this new village. The gameplay is excellent with players, being able to control the character from a joystick.

By clicking on a certain character, you can interact with them and get the ball rolling. All in all, the story makes the gameplay even better, giving you the best slice of action when it comes to a village game.

Relatable and Excellent Story

While the full story is yet to be revealed, so far, we are seeing excellent content added in every bit of the game. Once you enter the game, you wake up in your room. By controlling the joystick, you can come out of the home and practically go anywhere in this interesting open-world slice-of-life game.

The Palace on the Hill Straightforward Yet Shocking Gameplay
You need to talk to the quirky residents to know about the kingdom stories in The Palace on the Hill. | © Niku Games

The setting is 2D, which gives you an even retro vibe. However, the story is something that would shock you even further. You’re a boy living in a village and it’s your summer break. Being a villager, your father is concerned with one single thing only: the crops. So, naturally, being the son of a farmer, your job is to learn how to plant crops, raise a garden, and try to take your family out of the tough season they are facing.

Most people can relate to this story, which is why The Palace on the Hill is so hyped. It’s straightforward, you don’t have to think a lot, and lastly, it is quite fun to play.

Overall, The Palace on the Hill is quite an interesting one. The game isn’t fully launched but the monologue is enough to give us a glimpse of what a bomb of a title this game is going to be. The game is currently available on iOS, Android, and Windows, and soon, the full version will be out, allowing us to leverage the full indie RPG simulation.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey