Underworld Gang Wars: The Battle Royale rooted in India by Mayhem Studios

With Underworld Gang Wars (UGW), Mayhem Studio wants to create an AAA battle royale game rooted in India and built for gangsters.

Underworld Gang Wars
Underworld Gang Wars is a AAA battle royale game rooted in India. | © Mayhem Studio

With the rise of games like BGMI, CoD Warzone, and more, it is evident that the battle royale theme is here to stay. Rather, it’s only growing with time with young gamers coming in and joining the gaming landscape.

Recently, there’s this new game by Mayhem Studio called Underworld Gang Wars, and it took the Indian gaming world by storm with its amazing graphics and gameplay that rivals all the international competitors. So, let’s uncover whether Underworld Gang Wars can compete in this competitive battle royale industry.

Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) - A Battle Royal to Surprise Everyone

Like the game’s slogan says, “Rooted in India, built for gangsters,” it is an AAA battle royale game made in India. The game, which is currently in pre-registration mode, is set in a fictional land called Dhantara where you will find many places that will resemble popular Indian locations and houses like Forts, Grams, Mandi, Slums, and even Race Courses. Moreover, you are also going to get some of the most interesting and popular Indian weapons like hammer and Katta.

In UGW, you will also see a unique river called Maya, which divides the land into two. The game features two fronts, the western and the eastern. On the Western front, you get the Tyaki and Bhopal toll, which rule the land with their unique setting.

Underworld Gang Wars FORT
Graphics in Underworld Gang Wars are worth applauding. | © Mayhem Studio

Moreover, on the eastern side, we have Boris and his Velvets, who built their empires slowly and ruled the land with style. Both ends have a lot of trouble and heat but with two sides, two factions, and two leaders, who will win the exchange? That’s only what you need to figure out.

Graphics: The highlight of Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)

Graphics are what sets this game apart from other titles. At first look, the game is quite similar to the PUBG vibe that we know. However, you can see that there are some aspects inspired by popular titles like CS:GO. So, it’s like someone mixed CS:GO with PUBG and created a perfect game that would cater to the needs of violence lovers.

Moreover, in the recently held playtest, players were treated to UGW's amazing visuals on high-end devices, which allowed for smooth gameplay at 75fps. With optimized performance for 6GB or more of RAM, currently, only the Dhantara map is available, however, we can expect more content with time and player feedback.

The graphics are amazing and you get various lands to choose from. But it’s the gameplay that changes everything. Being a battle royale, you will need to strategize a lot. So, from firing on top of roofs to going into full aggression mode, you can do anything you want in this game.

Mayhem Studio - The genius behind Underworld Gang Wars

The genius behind Underworld Gang Wars is Mayhem Studio and they are a team of gamers fueled by a passion for gaming and creating games.

Mayhem Studio is based in India and their mission with Underworld Gang Wars is to create the first AAA battle royale title by India that is going to make an international mark by being so good.

Well, in a world where Battle Royales are getting so repetitive, Mayhem Studios is taking an interesting take. Instead of going full-blown battle royale, they are involving an Indian native aspect while providing a more gang-war setting. The audience is quite hyped for this upcoming battle royale, which might just go beyond India to go international.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey