Life is Strange: You Can Watch 18 Minutes Of Double Exposure Gameplay Now

Life is Strange: Double exposure brings back our girl Max Caulfield to save her friend from an untimely end. And the vibes are exactly like the first game, as the new gameplay reveal shows!

Max Caulfield my love TN
I missed you, Max. | © Square Enix

Huge news for fans of the Life is Strange franchise: later this year, on October 15, to be exact, the next game drops and brings back the protagonist of the very first game, the one and only Max Caulfield.

The hype just got real, as some early gameplay has been revealed, showing it captures the vibe players got for the first time at Blackwell Academy back in 2015.

18 Minutes Of Life is Strange: Double Exposure Gameplay – And It Looks Like Everything Fans Could Wish For

Indie music, Max' narration of the simple things in life, dorky conversation options with her new friends Safi and Moses: the new Life is Strange seems to capture the very same feeling the first game had and what made it so great. Simple gameplay and story-driven, the franchise has its very own style and, thankfully, seems to stay true to the formula. But take a look for yourself:

We get some snippets of what's waiting for us, including the knowledge that Max still can't dance for sh*t, even if her life depended on it and, probably more interesting, she apparently keeps her past to herself – understandable. She's lived through some heavy things back in Oregon, alongside Chloe. And when you bear in mind what happened back in the first game, the flashbacks in the new gameplay footage hit even harder.

But that's half the fun in Life is Strange, isn't it? Breaking players' hearts by making us fall in love with the characters and then taking them away from us, only for players to desperately try to save them by breaking all laws of space and time? That's what I thought.

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Tanja Haimerl
Tanja Haimerl