CyberPowerPC and Creative Newtech Announce Joint Venture for CyberPowerPC India Launch

CyberPowerPC, a top gaming PC brand in North America, has officially entered the Indian market through a strategic partnership with Creative Newtech Ltd., an Indian technology distributor.

Cyber Power PC X Creative Newtech
CyberPowerPC X Creative Newtech: A Joint Venture for CyberPowerPC India Launch | © CyberPowerPC

Creative Newtech Limited (NSE: 'CREATIVE') specializes in market entry and distribution of IT, imaging, and lifestyle products in India. Founded in 1992, the company was previously known as Creative Peripherals and Distribution Limited until it was renamed in August 2021.

Here’s everything you need to know about CyberPowerPC partnering with Creative Newtech to bring its custom gaming PC business to India.

CyberPowerPC Expands into Asia

Introduction to CyberPowerPC's Expansion

CyberPowerPC is a leading computer system manufacturer specializing in gaming PCs and laptops. Primarily based in California, North America, CyberPowerPC is now expanding into the Asian market. They are partnering with Creative Newtech Ltd., a technology distributor in India, to launch CyberPowerPC in India. This is CyberPowerPC’s first move into Asia.

Strategic Partnership Details

The partnership will bring CyberPowerPC’s high-performance desktops, laptops, and gaming accessories to Indian gamers. The new company, CyberPowerPC India, shows their dedication to serving the growing gaming market in Asia, beginning with India.

Recognizing India as a significant market, this expansion highlights CyberPowerPC’s plan to grow globally and provide excellent gaming experiences everywhere.

What CyberPowerPC India Offers?

Product Range and Collaborations

CyberPowerPC India is bringing a range of high-performance gaming computers and gear to India. They offer desktops, laptops, and gaming accessories for all types of gamers, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.

CyberPowerPC is a leader in gaming computers and is the largest gaming PC brand in the US. They collaborate with major companies like Intel, AMD, Microsoft, and Nvidia to ensure their products deliver top-notch performance and durability. This means their gear is of superior quality and works seamlessly with different components and systems.

Quality Assurance and Performance

CyberPowerPC India assures potential buyers that their gaming computers offer top-notch performance and reliability. They guarantee smooth compatibility with various parts and platforms. Each gaming PC undergoes a validation process where the frames per second (FPS) specifications are verified through UL Solutions.

Leadership at CyberPowerPC India

Vishal Parekh is taking charge as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CyberPowerPC India. He will oversee the company’s operations in the country. With extensive experience in marketing at Nodwin Gaming, Kingston, and HyperX, his expertise in gaming will be invaluable for CyberPowerPC India.Eric Cheung, the CEO of CyberPowerPC, believes in Parekh's ability to lead in India, especially given his understanding of the Indian gaming scene.

Apart from managing day-to-day tasks, Parekh will also ensure customers have a great experience. CyberPowerPC India will provide local, on-site service to show their dedication to customer service. With Parekh leading the way, CyberPowerPC India aims to become a top player in India's gaming market.

Special Pre-Order Offer

Exclusive Launch Offer

CyberPowerPC India has just opened its doors and to celebrate, they’re offering an exciting deal for those who pre-order a gaming PC. When you pre-order during this special time, you get to choose between two awesome starter kits, each worth up to INR 16,000.

Starter Kit Details

What's in these kits? You’ll receive a HyperX Headset, HyperX Keyboard, CyberPowerPC Mouse, CyberPowerPC Mouse Pad, plus some swag like a T-shirt, Cap, Sipper, and Sling Bag.

It's all about giving gamers everything they need to kickstart their gaming journey with top-notch gear from a well-known brand.

The Future of CyberPowerPC in India

The collaboration between Creative Newtech Ltd. and CyberPowerPC marks a significant advancement in the gaming industry. With CyberPowerPC’s entry into India, gamers can expect top-notch gaming setups and user-friendly customization tools, enhancing their overall gaming experience. This partnership also signifies CyberPowerPC’s strategic expansion into Asia, promising more exciting developments in the future.

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