Detective Dotson Gets New Gameplay Trailer At Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024

Cozy Indian mystery adventure game, Detective Dotson got a new gameplay trailer at Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024.

Detective Dotson FGS 2024 Key Art
Detective Dotson Gets New Gameplay Trailer At Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024. | © Masala Games

Independent game developer Masala Games has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for its debut PC title, Detective Dotson, at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024. Set in a stylized rendition of modern India, the game promises an engaging mystery adventure filled with exploration, disguises, and a clue board to solve intriguing mysteries.

Detective Dotson Gameplay Trailer and Features

You can check out the trailer for the game right here:

The latest trailer showcases the game’s core mechanics, allowing players to:

  • Explore Diverse Environments: Navigate through vibrant Indian locales as the reluctant detective, Dotson.
  • Use Disguises: Blend in with different settings to gather crucial information without raising suspicion.
  • Clue Board Mechanics: Piece together clues to solve complex mysteries in an interactive manner.

Detective Dotson is currently available for wishlist on Steam, with a full release scheduled for later this year. The game also has a demo on Stream where players can get a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Detective Dotson Demo Overview

The Detective Dotson demo focuses on the mysterious death of Dotson’s father. Players will engage in various activities including:

  • Chasing Criminals: Hunt down suspects across bustling streets.
  • Hunting for Clues: Scour the environment for evidence.
  • Creating Disguises: Seamlessly integrate into different settings.
  • Spying on Foes: Keep tabs on suspects to gather intel.
  • Recruiting Team Members: Build a team to aid in investigations.

Developed in Unity, the game features controller support and an original OST made in collaboration with Nikhil Rao of Indian Ocean, pioneers of Indian fusion rock. And while the demo has a slice of what to expect, the full release contains more episodes and is slated for release later this year.

Dotson Wishlist FGS 2024
Detective Dotson is currently available for wishlist on Steam. | © Masala Games

Detective Dotson X Future Games Show Collaboration

At the Future Games Show, hosts Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2) and Britt Baron (Tifa from FFVII Rebirth and Justine from Netflix's GLOW) were featured in pixel art avatars within the world of Dotson. The collaboration involved:

  • Pixel Art Avatars: Roger and Britt introduced the game in a cozy Indian neighborhood setting.
  • Creative Storyline: Britt, in a vibrant fuschia ghagra, and Roger, as a local romeo, presented the game with a fun narrative twist, showcasing the game’s cultural and visual appeal.

“We always like to make pixel art versions of the creators that work with us — it’s our way of saying ‘thank you’,” says Shalin Shodhan, Founder and CEO of Masala Games.

He further added “Future Games Show gave us the opportunity to take this a step further by letting us drop the show presenters into our Indian street-side set. When we found out it was Red Dead Redemption 2’s Roger Clark and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Britt Baron, we were ecstatic to have them decked up in Dotson-ified avatars. We produced the whole segment in 4 days in Unreal Engine.”

The story idea was that Britt had gone missing. Roger goes off stage to look for her. The two of them appear in pixel art Dotson-style cartoon versions on the set of Detective Dotson, which is a cozy Indian mohalla. Britt is hanging back from a wedding procession that passed by. She is dressed in a beautiful fuschia ghagra and some nice wedding jewelry. Meanwhile, Roger is dressed as a local roadside romeo hanging out at the corner tea stall. The two of them introduce the game as Roger wonders how they will get back to human form.

Detective Dotson at IGN Live

Detective Dotson has also been selected by ID@Xbox to be part of IGN Live, both at their summer fan fest event in Los Angeles and online.

This has the Steam demo playable at IGN Live’s on-ground event in downtown Los Angeles. Furthermore, Detective Dotson is also a part of the IGN Live Steam event — a highly curated list of anticipated upcoming PC games.

About Masala Games

Masala Games, founded in Ahmedabad by Shalin Shodhan, a BAFTA-winning and Oscar-winning game developer with a rich background at Electronic Arts and Pixar, is committed to creating memorable gaming experiences. Their debut title, Detective Dotson, reflects their dedication to innovative storytelling and immersive gameplay.

Dive into the intriguing world of Detective Dotson and experience a fresh take on mystery adventures set against the vibrant backdrop of modern India. Don’t miss out on this unique gaming experience coming soon to PC.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey