New CreatorX Mode in Cricket Stars - Beat the Highest Score and Win Exciting Prizes

Whether you're a cricket enthusiast or just enjoy gaming, the new CreatorX Mode in Cricket Stars promises to enhance your experience.

New Creator X Mode in Cricket Stars
New CreatorX Mode in Cricket Stars - Beat the Highest Score and Win Exciting Prizes | © United Gamers Hideout

Cricket Stars, India’s first NFT-based cricket strategy game, has just launched an exciting new feature – the ‘CreatorX Mode.’ This feature adds a fun twist to the game, making it thrilling for both new and seasoned players. The goal is pretty simple - beat the highest score and stand a chance to win a variety of exciting prizes.

Let’s discuss a little more about this CreatorX Mode that makes Cricket Stars more fun and competitive.

CreatorX Mode in Cricket Stars: How many Runs Can You Score in an Over?

United Gamers Hideout (UGH), in partnership with Qlan App, launched “CreatorX,” India’s largest gaming creator hunt, and here players were introduced to the CreatorX Mode in Cricket Stars.

The CreatorX Mode is a more challenging way to play the game, testing players' skills and strategies

In this mode, players have to try and get the most points they can. Every time they make a run, take a wicket or catch the ball, it all counts towards their score. There are lots of challenges that make the game harder, so players need to make smart choices to do well.

New Creator X Mode
How many runs can you score in an over? Take the challenge and share your screenshot. | © United Gamers Hideout

What makes the CreatorX Mode special is that it's competitive. Players from all over the world play against each other, trying to beat the highest score. There's a leaderboard that shows who's doing the best globally, which makes it even more exciting to play and see how you compare to others.

Beat the Highest Score: Take the Challenge, Claim the Rewards

CreatorX Mode in Cricket Stars offers enticing prizes for those who beat the highest scores, with a prize pool worth over ₹25,00,000, including weekly rewards and giveaways

Each day, three winners are chosen who stand a chance to win a part of the prize pool worth over 25,00,000. These could range from in-game rewards like special abilities, characters, and equipment, or real-world prizes such as gaming consoles, merchandise, or cash.

For instance, during the first week of the CreatorX Mode, we saw some impressive scores by player Mr. ARROGANT with PLAYING HABITZ. He played as Tony VS Adinath and won his very first debutant match of Day 1 for the CreatorX contest. He won by 9 runs while playing in the second innings. This victory put him on the leaderboard and made him eligible for the weekly rewards and giveaways.

Top scorers in Creator X Mode
Top Scorers in CreatorX Mode | © United Gamers Hideout

In addition to the daily winners, there are special giveaways every Saturday and Sunday, which are live-streamed on the United Gamers Hideout YouTube channel.

So, whether you love cricket or gaming, the CreatorX Mode offers exciting challenges and opportunities to win big. Jump in, play, and share your screenshots for a chance to win.

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