CreatorX Week 3 - Brawlhalla Featured as Game 3 for India's Largest Gaming Creator Hunt

CreatorX, India’s largest gaming creator hunt, is back with another exciting challenge in Week 3. This week, participants will face off in the popular multiplayer platform fighter, Brawlhalla, promising intense battles and thrilling gameplay.

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CreatorX Week 3 - Brawlhalla Featured as Game 3 for India's Largest Gaming Creator Hunt. | © United Gamers Hideout

CreatorX, a collaboration between United Gamers Hideout (UGH) and Qlan App, has been a thrilling journey so far. Every week, there's a new challenge and a new game for the players. Last week, the gaming community was hooked on the strategic world of Teamfight Tactics, the featured game for Week 2 of CreatorX.

Now, we're entering Week 3, and the excitement is through the roof. The first two weeks have been a rollercoaster ride, with gamers battling it out in a variety of games. As we gear up for Week 3, a new game has been announced - Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla: The Featured Game for CreatorX Week 3

What is Brawlhalla?

Brawlhalla is a popular multiplayer platform fighting game with over 100 million players. It offers up to 8 players online in a single match, over 20 game modes for PvP and co-op, and full cross-play. The game features history’s greatest warriors brawling to prove who’s the best in an epic test of strength and skill.

Brawlhalla is a lot like Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. In the game, you try to push your opponent off the stage to win. Instead of health, you have damage, and the more damage you take, the easier it is for your opponent to knock you off. The main way to play is one-on-one matches, where each player has three lives, and the goal is to knock out all of your opponent's lives before they do the same to you.

Exclusive Tasks & Challenges for Brawlhalla

Hosts and Giveaway Winners

Week 3 kicked off with the hosts Start Clashing (Mohit) and Bullet The Krazy Gamer (Biren Sharma). During the Livestream, Brawlhalla was announced as the third game featured for Week 3, bringing yet another opportunity to win exciting prizes and giveaways.

The giveaways in CreatorX week refer to the prizes that are awarded to participants every week. The giveaway questions for this week were:

  • Which year was the original PlayStation released? The giveaway was won by ALC Gaming.
  • Which genre of game is “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”? The giveaway was won by Arman.
  • Which game is often credited with popularizing the Battle Royale genre in India? The giveaway was won by RPS Esports.

Brawlhalla Challenges and Tasks

Now, coming back to the tasks and challenges for Brawlhalla, there are many exciting tasks to complete. Players have to play the games, record the video of the gameplay, and upload it to specific platforms.

Play a Friendly 2v2 Game with Your Friends (Upload Gameplay)5000YT & IG
Play and Win 1v1 Strikeout Mode (Gameplay Upload)2000Qlan
Play and Win 1v1 Strikeout Mode Without Getting a Single Strike from the Opponent2000Qlan
Play and Win a Match of Free for All Mode2000Qlan
Play and Win Two Matches in a Row in Free for All Mode4000YT & IG
Play and Win a Ranked 1v1 Game Mode3000YT & IG
Play and Win a Ranked 2v2 Game Mode5000YT & IG
Play and Win Any Game Mode with Tezca Legend8000YT & IG
Play and Win Any Game Mode with Ada Legend10000YT & IG
Play and Win Any Game Mode with Thor Legend10000YT & IG

There are some tough challenges in the games as well. You have to play in modes like Tezca Legend, Ada Legend, and Thor Legend. Besides playing and winning, make sure to create quality videos with memes, montages, and voiceovers. You can earn up to 10,000 points by uploading your video.

There are also extra points outside the regular scoring system in Qlan, where you earn 100 points for each clip or video.

Additionally, you will earn 10 points for each like and comment your content gets, plus extra points from the jury. This is a great chance for everyone to show their creativity and stand out.

Conclusion: Brawlhalla and CreatorX

Brawlhalla is ending this Saturday with a special live broadcast. It is the final game of the CreatorX event. A new guest will join the jury to give out points during the stream. Creators will show off their best work and get advice from top industry experts. These creators received their tasks and challenges on Discord and have already started playing Brawlhalla to complete the highest-scoring challenges. It's your final shot to win prizes worth over Rs. 25,00,000, so get creative.

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