Revenant Esports Europe Expansion - A New CS2 Roster Formed

Revenant Esports, the popular Indian esports organization is expanding its operations in Europe with a new CS2 roster.

Revenant Esports europe expansion
Revenant Esports Europe Expansion - A New CS2 Roster Formed | © Revenant Esports

Indian esports powerhouse, Revenant Esports, is making headlines with its bold leap into European territory. The organization has strategically signed a star-studded European Counter Strike 2 (CS2) roster, marking a significant milestone in its global expansion journey.

Revenant Esports European Roster For CS2 Unveiled

The new lineup for Revenant Esports has some formidable athletes of the CS2 game, and the list includes:

  • Nathan “NBK” Schmitt
  • Adelin “adeX-” Nica
  • Kamil “reiko” Cegiełko
  • Laurențiu “lauNX” Țârlea
  • Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom

These athletes are not just players; they are maestros of the game, each bringing a legacy of victories and a wealth of experience to the team. They have significant achievements and accolades to their names including, multiple CS:GO Majors, Blast Premier, La Coupe 4 Paris, IEM, ESL tournaments, and more.

At the helm of this ship are two seasoned navigators: Patrik “pakesZ” Rozsos and Chris “Jeebs” DeSantis, both of whom have extensive experience in building competitive teams. As coach and general manager, and assistant coach, respectively, their expertise in crafting competitive legacies will guide the team toward international glory.

Revenant Esports
Revenant Esports formed a new CS2 roster for Europe expansion. | © Revenant Esports

The New Home and Reason For Expansion

The team will be honing their skills at Revenant Esports’ bootcamp in Belgrade, Serbia. This facility will serve as the crucible where strategies are forged and skills are sharpened, preparing them for their electrifying debut.

Talking about this decision, Revenant Esports, founder and CEO, Rohit Jagasia, said "Our decision to enter the global CS2 arena was fueled by a passion for Counter Strike and a strategic vision for global expansion. We have been keenly observing and exploring the European esports market for a while. CS2 has very substantial viewership and a vibrant esports ecosystem in European territory and hence it also translates to more monetisation and partnership opportunities for us. This is another step for us in the direction to create a truly global esports organisation, from India.”

Debut of the New European Team of Revenant Esports

The new roster of Revenant CS2 players will debut on LAN at the Skyesports Championship 2024. They would also be playing other prestigious online tournaments, with a focus on qualifying for the upcoming Shanghai Major.

Well, Revenant Esports already has ongoing partnerships with multiple brands like Puma, Kreo, AMD, Gigabyte, Aorus, Corsair, and Cybeart, and with this expansion, Revenant Esports will be looking to forge new brand partnerships globally, with a special focus on brands and companies from the European territory.

Revenant Esports is more than a name; it’s a symbol of India’s esports ascendancy. Its achievements include clinching the #1 spot in Pokemon Unite in India for 2022-2023, finishing 7th at the Brawl Stars World Championship 2023-2024, securing the 2nd spot at Skyesports Masters 2023: Regular Season, and more.

Moreover, the organization is also a home to noted content creators including Antaryami Gaming, Alpha Clasher, PlayLikeIncognito, Punkk, Bitty Boi, Emperor Plays, Ayush Gaming, DevilDeez, BrownVoid, and Salty.

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