World of Warcraft On Console May Soon Become Reality

Fans have been wondering for two decades whether World of Warcraft will ever come to console. Thankfully, a new interview could (finally) give them the answer they were hoping for.

World of warcraft wrath of the lich king
World of Warcraft on console? Could be a reality soon. | © Blizzard

"Is World of Warcraft coming to console?" We've been hearing that question since the game was released all the way back in 2004. And Blizzard have never given us the answer we were hoping for.

Of course, Blizzard has not revealed or announced anything yet, but at a recent World of Warcraft: The War Within event in London, Eurogamer had a chance to ask executive producer Holly Longdale about a console port, and her answer might surprise you...

World of Warcraft: Is A Port To Console Coming?

While fans have wondered about World of Warcraft coming to console for a long time now, Blizzard has never done so. The game is extremely complex and there are hundreds of commands players need for their characters. But, other MMOs like Final Fantasy have made it to console, so why not WoW, right?

At the World of Warcraft: The War Within event, Eurogamer asked Holly Longdale about a potential future port for console. This came a few months after she had confirmed that Blizzard has the tools to bring the game to console, and that it is something the team talk about "all the time". So, what does she have to say now?

At the event, Longdale stated that "nothing is impossible". It seems she might have even added more, even pausing and almost spilling the beans to the press, but held herself back. Could this mean that a WoW console port is in the works?

Honestly, it could be nothing, or it could be everything. For now, World of Warcraft fans will have to remain patient. Maybe there is going to be a huge announcement this summer at Xbox Summer Fest?

Sabrina Ahn
Sabrina Ahn