Art of Gaming: India’s First Professional Gaming and esports Podcast

Art of Gaming, an esports and gaming podcast with Indian gaming luminaries is here to inspire and entertain you.

Art of Gaming
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Welcome to Art of Gaming, an insightful and upbeat podcast where we meet Indian gamers and professional players every Friday.

Presented by UGH Esports, this platform features exclusive interviews with Indian gaming stars, who share their stories, inspiring the next generation of e-athletes across the nation. The highlight is that the podcast doesn't only cover the esports athletes from the most popular titles but also focuses on games that aren't mainstream.

Featuring guests like Charanjot, mikeyrog, viper24, and Psyduck, each episode promises a scoop of gaming wisdom and personal journeys. From competitive triumphs to behind-the-scenes anecdotes, "Art of Gaming" aims to offer a glimpse into the world of Indian esports and motivate gamers across India.

From the Hosts of Art of Gaming

When asked about their views and how they feel about the podcast, Art of Gaming hosts Mohit and Biren Sharma gave some interesting insights.

What prompted you to start the podcast?

The initial thought to start Art of Gaming was to give a platform to all of the Indian esports athletes who have represented our nation internationally on global stages in various gaming titles to talk about their journey, their struggle, their grind, and how they have come so far defying all odds.

What is so special and unique about the Art of Gaming Podcast?

Well, the unique part lies in the kind of esports athletes we get on our podcast. We just don't focus on gamers from one particular title or community; we have esports athletes from titles like EA FC, Apex Legends, and other titles that aren't so popular on a mainstream level in India.

We also just don't talk about the positive side of the industry; we do share the mistakes, and industry problems on the podcast so the audience gets a broader perspective.

Why do you believe it’s important to have a podcast like Art of Gaming?

Well, it's quite important for all of the upcoming generation or the young kids who want to make a career in esports; they look up to all of the gamers who brought laurels for our nation at the global level.

Plus, it's very important to make sure that young aspirants know that there are numerous esports titles where they can set their foot and start grinding to play professionally.

What is your vision for Art of Gaming?

Art of Gaming is India's first professional esports and gaming podcast. Our vision is to take stories from our country to the global, mainstream level.

We have already crossed 10+ episodes where we had some awesome guests who have achieved so much in the professional gaming space, and our next step right now is another 10+ episodes soon.

Another important aspect of the art of gaming is to bring the attention of global publishers and industry stakeholders to India, where they can help and contribute to the betterment of our Indian esports and gaming industry.

A Few Highlights from Art of Gaming Episodes

As mentioned above, our podcast features a variety of episodes, each spotlighting a different aspect of the gaming world and a star from a different title. Here are some highlights from previous episodes:

  • Mikeyrog: Hear from Mikeyrog, who has represented India at numerous international events, including the Road to Asian Games event, and was featured on Doordarshan national television.
  • Viper24: Discover the story of Viper24, who rose to fame when he and his team were accused of hacking allegations and then proved everyone wrong when his roster won back-to-back tournaments in 2021.
  • Psyduck: Psyduck, who represented India at the Pokemon Unite Asia Championship and came second, shares his experiences and the challenges he faced.
  • Charanjot: Learn about Charanjot, India’s top player in EA FC 24 (previously FIFA), who represented India at the FIFAe Nation’s Cup.
  • Divine FF: Listen to Divine FF, a leading esports team player in Free Fire, discuss the hardship of an esports player and the potential future of Free Fire in India.

Supported by United Gamers Hideout (UGH), GoLive Games, Cricket Stars, and Tezos block chain, this series aims to give voice to gamers representing India globally. So make sure you tune in to Art of Gaming every Friday. Also, stay tuned for more exciting episodes and exclusive interviews on the Art of Gaming!

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey