Player Spotlight: SUMIT ”Divine” VERMA in Art of Gaming Podcast Episode 15

Sumit “Divine” Verma is a prominent Free Fire esports athlete currently playing for Head Hunters. He recently secured victory at the Esports Premier Series 2023. In the latest episode of Art of Gaming, Divine opened up about his early life, his thoughts on BGMI, and more. Let's delve deeper into the journey of this rising esports star.

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Who is Divine in Free Fire Esports

Sumit "Divine" Verma achieved his first significant victory with Head Hunters and was formerly a member of Nigma Galaxy. Divine is well-known in the Free Fire community and has a history of playing PUBG Mobile.

Early Life of Sumit "Divine" Verma and His Entry into Gaming

Divine began his gaming journey at the age of 14-15, playing casual games like Subway Surfers and Clash of Clans. His interest in gaming grew with the release of Free Fire, which he started playing a few months after its launch.

At that time, Coming from a military family, Divine had a challenging road to success in esports. Divine was unaware of the emerging esports scene and paused his gaming activities for two years to focus on his board exams.

“Back then I had no idea about the esports scene also I stopped playing Free Fire for 2 years for my board exams”.

After completing his exams, Sumit returned to gaming, this time immersing himself in PUBG Mobile. It was during this period that Divine gained insights into competitive gaming and started participating in tournaments, marking the beginning of his esports journey.

“While playing PUBG I had the knowledge to participate in Tournaments, So basically my journey started from there.”

In 2021, following the ban on PUBG Mobile in India, Sumit shifted his focus back to Free Fire, using his competitive experience to excel in the game.

What role do content creators play in Free Fire esports?

Divine believes there is a large audience for content creation but a smaller one for esports in Free Fire. However, Divine is optimistic that this might change after the game is relaunched.

“Big Creators like Total Gaming or Lokesh don’t highlight the esports side of the game on their channel. Because of this, The audience remains unaware of the current scene.”

What are the differences you find between BGMI and Free Fire?

Divine mentioned both game mechanics are different in comparison he also said, "You cannot calculate physics in Free Fire, but there are a lot of things you need to consider in Free Fire, such as characters, gloo walls and bullet recoils which makes this game challenging.”

Future Plans if Garena Doesn't Re-Launch Free Fire

Having been an esports athlete for over four years, Divine expressed his desire to pursue a career in esports. However, if Free Fire does not return, Divine plans to transition to content creation.

"If you see Carryminati, I'd love to work like him, but not as a roaster. I'd prefer to have a channel like Carry'sLive, trying out new games and doing streams."


Sumit "Divine" Verma is a name that is likely to be prominent in the esports scene for years to come. His innovative ideas and dedication to esports are remarkable. Divine is not only focused on excelling in one game but is also open to exploring other games in the future. Sumit "Divine" Verma's journey and achievements make him a player to watch in the evolving world of esports.

Biswarup Sharma
Biswarup Sharma