Indian Studio Spotlight: BlackLight Studio Games

BlackLight Studio is the genius behind many successful mobile games like Ludo Superstar and Callbreak Multiplayer.

Black Light Studio via website
BlackLight Studio is the mastermind behind Ludo Superstar| © BlackLight Studio

You might be familiar with popular games like Ludo Superstar and Callbreak Multiplayer. Both games have tens of millions of downloads across the Android and iOS platforms. BlackLight Studio is the genius behind creating masterpieces that have forever etched themselves as successful mobile games.

Their main goal is connecting people through games while bringing classic games to you, creating happy moments together. So, let’s uncover how this BlackLight Studio Games was formed, what they did, and how they reached where they are today.

Background of BlackLight Studio

Now known as one of India's most popular game development studios, BlackLight Studio is based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh with only 11-50 employees. With time, their number of downloads kept growing but the studio had a rather humble start that turned out to be bigger than they ever thought it would be.

Shruti Sarraf is the co-founder and CEO of BlackLight Studio Works. Being a passionate developer and an entrepreneur, she made her vision of bringing classic games in India to the world to enjoy.

Ludo Superstar by BlackLight Studio has garnered over 100 million downloads. | © BlackLight Studio

The vision of BlackLight Studio started when Shruti’s mother, who loved Solitaire, couldn’t find a good replacement for the PC version on mobile. That’s when she took this idea to Sumit Soni, another co-founder of the gaming studio.

They turned this idea into reality and even began testing the old design for the logo and the new design. Interestingly enough, with the old-fashioned logo, they received 54% more downloads, indicating a huge untapped market for classical games.

The Come Up

After adding Solitaire on Android with a rather old-fashioned approach, BlackLight received 90% more downloads than before, which was significant and they started using Android Studio to integrate Google Play services while emulating the game while it was in the development phase.

Today, BlackLight Studio has a total of 8 games in its catalog, all of which are getting popular as days go by. Some of these games are Ludo Superstar, Carrom Superstar, Callbreak Superstar, Solitaire Zen, Word Alchemy, Solitaire, Word Search, and Wordathon.

Carrom superstar
Carrom Superstar by BlackLight Studio | © BlackLight Studio

From here, it is clear that the company wants to focus on just classics without really adding a lot of innovation in terms of modern design or functionality. But their originality is what sets them apart from every other game development studio.

A Focus on Originality

While most gaming studios are looking to innovate new titles and potentially make it into the world of competitive gaming, BlackLight Studio has always taken a rather mild route. They took the pain point of most of the users, which was a lack of good classical games on the Google Play Store and App Store, and they provided them with exactly that.

Their games are simple, and the designs are classic, yet they still make into the most competitive gaming niche, which is mobile gaming, as one of the top dogs. Take the example of Ludo Superstar. While it wasn’t the first Ludo Star game to be launched on the platform, the Ludo Superstar by BlackLight Studio has garnered over 100 million downloads due to their simple and user-friendly design.

Overall, BlackLight Studio is a testament that anyone can take over the world with a small team of similar focus. Since their inception, they had only one goal: bringing people together with the use of classic games on mobile.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey