underDOGS Studio: A Journey from Game Development Partners to Creating Their Own Path with 'Mukti'

In our new Studio Spotlight, we talk about underDOGS Studio, the masterminds behind MUKTI, one of the winners of the Sony India Hero Project.

About under DOGS Studio
underDOGS Studio is the mastermind behind MUKTI | © underDOGS Studio

India is slowly becoming a hope for some of the most interesting gaming projects. One of the most sought-after games under development is Mukti, a first-person story exploration game set within an Indian Museum.

Launching on PlayStation 5 and PC, this game has become quite popular on social media, but the development studio is what is putting light into the game. This gaming studio is known as underDOGS Studio, and the development team has a fascinating come-up story. And here we will highlight how the makers of underDOGS came from developing mobile games to now an immersive title that could become the next big first-person story game.

About underDOGS Studio and Vaibhav Chavan

underDOGS Studio was founded in 2011 when the gaming industry was on the rise. It was introduced as a distinguished game development studio focusing on making new and original games for PCs, consoles, and mobile platforms.

With a plethora of titles across mobile and PC, the studio has truly developed some of the most interesting titles, gained several awards, and become recognizable nationally and internationally.

To put things into perspective, underDOGS Studio has already developed more than 200+ games and around a dozen self-published titles on Android, Amazon, iOS App Store, and now other platforms like PlayStation 5 and PC.

Underdogs Vaibhav Chavan
Vaibhav is working with Sankesh More to develop MUKTI | © underDOGS Studio

Today, underDOGS Studio is on a mission to make sustainable, successful, and interesting games using the power of gamification, AR/VR, and modern-day coding practices.

Vaibhav Chavan is the genius behind the studio and he has over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry. He’s more of a generalist, wearing different hats like Game Designer, Producer, Director, and now a Founder.

MUKTI – The next project of Vaibhav and underDOGS Studio

Currently, Vaibhav is working with Sankesh More and the underDOGS team to deliver MUKTI, a game that they believe will change the world when it comes to indie titles. The game is a thrilling storyline based on human trafficking and is set in an Indian museum.

In his own words, MUKTI is a flawless game without any loopholes. The idea behind his game was Vaibhav Chavan’s passion as he was super invested in story-based titles. With so many awesome titles worldwide, he took it a further step by giving himself the challenge to create the best indie game, which he claims MUKTI can become.

In addition, MUKTI has also been selected as a winner of the Sony India Hero Project along with five other games, which is a huge achievement in itself. And for now, the game will be released on PC and PS5 only.

underDOGS Studio’s Innovations and Games Till Now

UnderDOGS Studio has already developed some of the most interesting titles for mobile. For Android, they have self-published three games including Driving Thrills, Dalgona, and Barricade Builder. While none of them hit the mark of being quite successful, one flagship title took their fame, gave them the portfolio, and turned underDOGS popular for their potential.

This game is Skatelander. It looked somewhat similar to Crossy Road and made them successful enough to be known as one of India’s top 10 indie game studios.

Right now, they are focusing on a game called MUKTI, a next-gen console and PC game, while partnering with leading publishers to push its name to the world.

Overall, underDOGS Studio has mainly worked to develop games for other companies. However, with their recent initiative with MUKTI, it not only has a unique concept but it is a concept that the Indian audience is loving.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey