GE RUSS talks about his first VCT experience for Global Esports

Discover the inside scoop on GE RUSS (Russel Mendes), the newest member of Global Esports, and his thrilling VCT LAN experience

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GE Russ via Instagram | © @russmendes

Former Guild Esports player & ESL Premiership winner GE Russ talks about his VCT Experience with Global Esports. We approached Russ with a bucket of questions, and here is what he had to say!

As a GE player, what were your initial thoughts and feelings going into the tournament?

“I felt very confident going into the match vs Zeta initially, we prepared a lot and we had plenty to show. With all eyes on us from SA(South Asia) I was hyped” - GE Russ

Are there any specific moments or matches that stood out to you during the VCT tournament?

“The game vs Bleed stood out the most to me in our run, it showed our composure, and being able to close out games, we gained a lot of experience from it overall. I'm sure we have even higher level that we didn't get to show while at kick-off.” - GE Russ

Can you describe the overall atmosphere and environment of the VCT tournament?

“The atmosphere at any VCT tournament is unreal, seeing all the people who are competing in person. All the hard work everyone's put in to be watched by thousands of people. You go through so many emotions on stage.”- GE Russ

If you were asked to make a 6 man Team from the Whole VCT masters, Who would you pick?

“6-man team: it would be the whole Sentinel team. right now, I think they got everything done right and perfect players for each role inside and outside of the game”.- GE Russ

Thanks for sharing your insights, Russ! Lastly, what tips would you give to newcomers stepping into the competitive gaming arena?

“Advice is that it will never be easy, takes a lot of hard work and dedication. There is no best way to do it but grinding the ranking system in the game itself brings a lot of eyes to yourself and that's how opportunities will come. Become at least top 50 in your region, destroy other pros & people will start talking.” - GE Russ
Biswarup Sharma
Biswarup Sharma