MLT Esports are The Champions of VALORANT Challengers 2024: South Asia Split 1

After completing the group stage, four teams reached the playoffs: GrayFox, True Rippers, MLT, and Revenant. In the Semi-Finals, GrayFox and Revenant lost, making MLT and True Rippers the finalists. Read along to learn more about the finals!

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MLT Esports Champions of VALORANT Challengers 2024 | © Nodwin Gaming

Omen Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024: Split 1 – Cup 2 Finals was scheduled to take place on May 18 and 19. MLT Esports and True Rippers battled it out in person at Vegas Mall, Dwarka in Delhi. The event was live-streamed on Nodwin Gaming’s YouTube channel. The Matchup was a Best of 5 format where MLT Esports won the first 3 matches and named themselves the champion of VALORANT Challengers 2024: South Asia Split 1.

VALORANT Challengers 2024 South Asia: Split 1:Finals Match Summary

Ascent | Map Pick - MLT Esports | Winner: MLT Esports | Score: 13-7

MLT Esports picked Ascent as their map while True Rippers got defence for the first half. In the first half, Antidote's crew dominated and secured 8 rounds, while True Ripper only managed to get 4.In the second half, True Ripper only managed to win 3 rounds. The map ended with MLT Esports winning 13-7. Tesseract was the Match MVP with 21 kills and 13 deaths.

Split | Map Pick - True Rippers | Winner: MLT Esports | Score: 13-2

Split was True Rippers’ map pick, though MLT Esports started the map with massive pressing. They won 10 rounds. The second half was no different, MLT Esports outplayed True Rippers and won 3 more rounds. The final score was 13-2. Again, Tesseract became MVP at a personal score of 22 kills and 6 deaths.

Breeze | Map Pick - MLT Esports | Winner: MLT Esports | Score: 13-7

In the first half, True Rippers only managed to win three rounds, while MLT Esports secured 9 rounds. However, MLT Esports dominated in the second half and secured the victory, ultimately lifting the trophy.The Final score was 13-7 and MLT Esports was the winner of this matchup. AZYS was the MVP at a personal score of 27 kills and13 deaths.

In the post-match conference Sabyasachi "Antidote” Bose said, “These all because of the boys, we all see how beast they are inside the server.”

In a recent chitchat with Antidote, we asked "How does it feel & what's next for MLT?” The MLT Esports IGL replied "It feels good, Next is Split 2 for MLT

Biswarup Sharma
Biswarup Sharma