Finding Peace and Challenge at the Same Time: An Introduction to Lovely Planet by QuickTequila

Lovely Planet is a first-person shooter platform video game developed by Indian indie developer Quicktequila

Lovely Planet © QuickTequila

These days, the world feels increasingly burdensome, making it challenging to find the peaceful moments we all crave. Entertainment and relaxation options often highlight the growing turmoil and conflict, with frequent images of violence and strife. When you need an escape from the constant reminders of the world's harsh realities, where do you go? Let me introduce you to the most relaxing yet fun game, Lovely Planet by QuickTequila.

This game can be described as a series of intense, fast-paced bursts of chaotic action, similar to what you'd experience in a first-person shooter game. It also features a visually simple origami-inspired design and a catchy, upbeat pop-folk soundtrack. The blend of these elements creates a truly one-of-a-kind experience that is both relaxing and entertaining for fans of first-person shooter games.

Lovely Planet has a very esoteric and Eastern feel to it, with its outgoing style and upbeat pop melodies composed by the multi-talented musician Calum Bowen. It gives me a nostalgic vibe of after-school afternoons as a youth, watching Japanese anime on TV. Despite its heavy Japanese influence, the game was actually created by the Delhi-based company QUICKTEQUILA, incorporating stylized text, music, and an cute design.

Lovely Planet can be overwhelming at first, bombarding you with bright and incredibly cheerful audiovisuals. You are introduced to an abstract environment filled with random and seemingly unrelated trinkets and a collage of colorful shapes. Despite the appealing and charming visuals that might make you feel at ease, the game is anything but easy. It boasts a progressively challenging learning curve that keeps you attentive and on your toes.

Lovely Planet shooting
Gameplay from Lovely Planet © QuickTequila

The game Lovely Planet is divided into five different worlds, each containing 15 to 20 levels. To progress to the next level, you must complete each level, and to move on to the next world, you need to complete all the levels in that world. In the game, there are hostile enemies that shoot projectiles and non-hostile characters who are at risk of being hit by these projectiles. Your objective is to eliminate the enemies without harming the non-hostile characters. Additionally, you must navigate platforming sections and avoid falling to your death. You have only one weapon, and if you get hit once, you die. When you fail a level, you have to restart. Initially, the game is enjoyable with well-balanced difficulty, a great soundtrack, and smooth controls. However, it becomes challenging as you progress, and you may find yourself replaying levels multiple times, turning the game into a series of trial-and-error attempts. The objective is to beat the best time that you can achieve.

Sarvesh Joshi
Sarvesh Joshi