"In My Shadow" The Best Brain Twister Indie Game

In My Shadow, an inventive puzzle Indie game by Playbae.

Now and then, we stumble upon gems when we least expect them. One such discovery came to me on a quiet evening when I decided to play a simple puzzle game. Little did I know that "In My Shadow" would be so much more enjoyable compared to typical puzzle games, "In My Shadow" offers an experience that leaves a lasting impression along with its story and intuitive gameplay.Made by Playbae Games, A game development studio from India.

House With Awards
Awards Won by In My Shadows © Playbae Games

In My Shadows can be played and downloaded on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and from the Apple Store. Built on Unity Engine the game offers really good graphics and a very unique setup for a puzzle game.

Puzzle Design and Gameplay:

At its core, "In My Shadow" has a very inventive puzzle design. Shadows aren't just background elements; they are integral to the gameplay. Manoeuvring objects to cast shadows and making the way along with very challenging yet simple and fun way to solve puzzles. What starts with basic elements like tables and blocks evolves into a sophisticated interplay of destructible objects, rotatable chairs, and portals. The transition from single-wall to dual-wall puzzles adds depth, ensuring that players are consistently challenged without feeling overwhelmed.

In my shadow Puzzle
In My Shadow Puzzle design © Playbae

Length, Difficulty, and Mechanics:

I was able to complete it in just under three hours, "In My Shadow" strikes a balance between brevity and depth. Its 50 puzzles offer a satisfying challenge, with a difficulty curve that feels just right. While some puzzles may require several attempts to master, they never feel unconquerable. The introduction of new mechanics keeps gameplay fresh, though I craved further exploration of one particularly intriguing mechanic introduced towards the game's conclusion.

A blend of Story and Gameplay

While the story adds a layer of depth to "In My Shadow," it feels somewhat separated from the gameplay. Cutscenes incorporated between puzzles offer glimpses into the character's personal experiences. Nonetheless, the narrative lends a sense of closeness, indicating the journey of loss, nostalgia and acceptance. Graphically, "In My Shadow" doesn't strive for visual spectacle, but its charming aesthetic complements the gameplay. The ambient piano music sets a serene mood.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation:

"In My Shadow" emerges as a competent puzzle game, with clever design and a satisfying learning curve. While it may have its rough edges, it offers an enjoyable experience for puzzle enthusiasts. With a score of 9 out of 10, it earns my recommendation for those seeking to play a chill yet fun Puzzle game.

Sarvesh Joshi
Sarvesh Joshi