Dive into 'Occult Chambers,' Where Indian Mythology Meets Action-Horror

Occult Chambers is a third-person action-horror game set in the Himalayas. And is developed by BornMonkie an indie video game studio from India.

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Occult Chambers Poster © BornMonkie

"Occult Chambers" is an exciting single-player action-horror game that takes players on a thrilling journey to the mysterious valleys of the Himalayas, immersing them in the rich lore of Indian mythology and occult practices. Developed by BornMonkie, this game explores the darker aspects of occult rituals and mythical creatures, providing players with a unique gaming experience like no other.

The game follows the story of Dhruv, a sceptic whose beliefs are challenged when his father mysteriously disappears. As allegations arise regarding his father's involvement in occult practices, Dhruv sets out to uncover the truth behind his father's disappearance and confronts the unnerving possibility that the mythical tales of his childhood may actually be true.

Players will explore abandoned forts and ominous chambers, encountering a world full of dark and terrifying occult activities. As Dhruv delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding his father, he must confront his own beliefs and navigate dangerous and intriguing environments.

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5 Head Snake © BornMonkie

"Occult Chambers" offers players a variety of gameplay experiences by combining challenging puzzles, spell-casting mechanics, and intense battles with mythical creatures. Taking inspiration from popular titles like Bioshock and Tomb Raider, it brings together elements of immersive storytelling and atmospheric exploration, offering a captivating journey into the heart of Indian mythology.

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Puzzle from Occult Chambers © BornMonkie

The game emphasizes strategy and skill in its combat system, requiring players to utilize both their weapons and their mastery of spell-casting to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. Players will need to use a variety of ancient weapons to fight against fantastical creatures, memorize incantations, and engage in heart-pounding battles.

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Spell casting from Occult Chambers © BornMonkie

One thing that sets "Occult Chambers" apart from other action-horror games is its unique art style. Instead of the typical American or European art style, the game draws inspiration from Indian mythology, immersing players in a world full of ancient legends and mystical creatures.

Sarvesh Joshi
Sarvesh Joshi