Gods Reign's Reven Talks about Skyesports Masters 2024 IND Closed Qualifiers

The Skyesports Masters 2024 IND Qualifiers Winner Gods Reign Reven is looking forward to participate against some of World's Finest Counter-Strike teams. We conducted a chit-chat interview with GDR Reven about their comeback from 0-2 & The Skyesports Masters 2024 & here how it went.

Gods Reign Reven CS player
Reven playing for Gods Reign | © Reven

“Making a comeback from being 0-2 down to win 3-2 against True Rippers in the qualifiers is no small feat! Congratulations on your victory.”"Here are my questions for you!"

What pivotal moments or strategies do you believe contributed most to your team's comeback from being 0-2 down?

“When we were down 0-2 we didn’t give up or lost hope Mentally we were strong.” says Reven

In your opinion, Who played a crucial role in securing the victory?

“Everyone played good in their roles and stepped up according to the time.”

How do you plan to carry this momentum forward in the Masters?

“We don’t have any extra plans just want to play our game and that’s it.”

Talking about the Masters, GDR will play their first match against the well-known Ninjas in Pyjamas. What is the team's current mindset and morale?

“We are very excited and eagerly waiting for the match”

What Gods Reign is looking for from this tournament?

“Nothing but exposure and lots of new things to learn by playing against t1 teams.”

In Masters, Which team do you think can become a hurdle for Gods Reign?

“I think every team will be hard for us now because we haven’t played scrims that much against t1 teams so we are in a learning stage but once we are used to them there will be no tough challenges then.”

What message do you have for your fans and supporters who witnessed this comeback and also waiting for Masters 2024?

“Thank you everyone for support and love to us Gods Reign, we will give our best in this event and in upcoming events we will try our best to be the one and only Indian team who will represent India and do damage in international events as much as possible, Keep supporting never lose hope or trust we will make you guys proud. Thank you”

Biswarup Sharma
Biswarup Sharma