CreatorX Week 3: Top 100 Winners of India's Largest Gaming Creator Hunt Announced

CreatorX Week 3 top 100 winners have been announced, revealing all those who showcased great skills in Brawlhalla.

Creator X week 3
Creator X Week 3 Winners | © United Gamers Hideout

The CreatorX competition, organized by United Gamers Hideout (UGH) and Qlan App, has just finished its third week.

In the third and final week of the CreatorX competition, players competed in the final game Brawlhalla, displaying their talent in intense matches. Among those contestants, the top 100 winners impressed everyone with their skills and earned their places.

So, as we celebrate the end of the third week, let's take a closer look at the achievements of the CreatorX Week 3 top 100 winners. We'll also highlight some special content that got praise from the hosts and jury.

CreatorX Week 3 Highlights

Special Guest Jury and Giveaways

This season of CreatorX was amazing, with over 6,000 people registering to participate. On Saturday's episode of CreatorX at United Gamers Hideout, Start Clashing (Mohit) and Bullet the Krazy Gamer (Biren Sharma) kicked off the final show of the season with the special guest jury Taneja OP.

Taneja is an Indian professional esports athlete and content creator who plays for Orangutan Elite in Free Fire. He also plays Critical Ops, Runeterra, and Battalion 1944.

The stream started by announcing the giveaway winners from the previous weeks, then, they gave the audience new giveaway questions.

  1. Which game involves building and managing your own theme park? Skill Less won this giveaway.
  2. What type of game is "Subway Surfers"? Newtex won this giveaway.
  3. Which iconic video game character made his debut in the game “Donkey Kong” released by Nintendo in 1981? Won by Armaan.

Interestingly, both Armaan and Skill Less were giveaway winners for CreatorX week 2 as well.

The best part is that the giveaway winners can choose their prizes, such as a smartwatch, gaming mouse, keyboard, or headphones.

Top Gaming Clips and Winners

The hosts and jury continued the stream by watching and reviewing the top gaming clips of Brawlhalla. They picked three more winners who impressed them the most. The top players’ clips reviewed by the jury are:

  • DSKnepal
  • Engineer gamer ff
  • Vaimun gaming

The hosts and jury have praised ZefinityYT and Kirito for their content. Even though they didn't win the matches, they made awesome content using funny memes.

CreatorX Week 3 Top 100 Winners

During the third week of the CreatorX event, gamers played Brawlhalla and had intense matches. The top 100 winners were announced, which was a big moment in the event. The list of the winners is also mentioned on the CreatorX Discord server and Instagram.

Here is the list of the CreatorX Week 3 top 100 creators:

  1. Rupesh70
  2. Himanshu_27
  3. Aayushhh34
  4. Dsknepal
  5. Odiin
  6. Ncguddipyt
  7. Amitbishty
  8. Anshbalodhi..
  9. Adi0924
  10. Lunar_qlan
  11. Princesiri
  12. Vapegamingyt
  13. Smokysaif
  14. Gameslive
  15. Kratoswar7052
  16. Dash_43
  17. Srdshivam
  18. Engineer_gamer_ff
  19. Mahiru
  20. Srijeetdas123
  21. Heyvipx
  22. Bg29yt
  23. Shanzer
  24. Etrigan01
  25. Sasukeplayz
  26. Gaming_with_ishaan
  27. Abhishekabhi
  28. Ishan_2204
  29. Inderbadwal
  30. Deardhirajraj
  31. Narayangaming
  32. _Himanshu_2737
  33. Xemorgaming
  34. Roks
  35. Subho_2003
  36. Ishan_izz_live
  37. Sanataniguru_1
  38. Technicalgaming
  39. Bgmi_magicia
  40. Neevpinjani
  41. Danhzoop
  42. Zefinityyt
  43. Dilson1
  44. Starlord7_official
  45. Monarchesports
  46. Thenafeesgamer
  47. Krutanktiwari7
  48. Yehboi
  49. Smokin_m10_yt
  50. Acppaduman
  51. 999rakeshyt_
  52. Sharada
  53. Pgpriyanshu
  54. I_m_akshu
  55. Sunnywnl
  56. Almighty_gg
  57. Gam3rquest
  58. Ayush_gaming_07
  59. Himadri_sad
  60. Vaimungaming
  61. Mrbuzz_2202
  62. Ricochowdhury
  63. Watneysol (Dq)
  64. Mr_shammi_786
  65. Generaltushar
  66. Mohammad_rehan
  67. Prashantsharma
  68. Naresh007
  69. Hawkadyyt
  70. Vape_imran_yt
  71. Pro.player1234
  72. Armaan443
  73. Krishna_malik_gula
  74. Suz4lplayz
  75. Qlan_gamer
  76. Cheel
  77. Fryzer
  78. Vansh_malik_sherpal
  79. Alex
  80. Sarkar
  81. Beardbaba
  82. R4w Adi :-
  83. Insane Afu
  84. Kukzy
  85. Deadeazy
  86. Bananas
  87. Ravi7524
  88. Alcgaming
  89. Sajalkumar
  90. Exfive
  91. Anuragdas1432
  92. Jaadoo_jailer_satyam
  93. Im_z3ye
  94. E4gl3vision
  95. Qlan_aniket
  96. Sayan0007
  97. Darpok_daku_arpit
  98. Gggamer1432
  99. Mr_dark_wil
  100. Studentytgaming

If you're one of the lucky creators in the Top 100 list, head to the Discord creators-ticket and create a ticket for verification. The CreatorX Staff team will check it and contact you through that ticket.

Looking Ahead: Season 2 Promises to be Even More Fun

As Season 1 of the Brawlhalla CreatorX event comes to an end, it's just the start of something big. The top 100 winners have set a high standard for future players, and everyone's excited to see what Season 2 will bring.

Season 2 and CreatorX Week 4 will feature “Made in India” Games with 7000+ Creators!

Season 2 promises to be even more fun, with new challenges, new players, and more chances for gamers to show off their skills. Plus, there's the opportunity to win cash prizes, which adds even more excitement. So, get ready for Season 2, as the gaming world gears up for another round of tough competition and amazing talent.

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