Top 100 Winners Announced from Week 1 of CreatorX - India's Largest Gaming Creator Hunt

The first week of CreatorX, India’s largest gaming creator hunt, has concluded, and the top 100 winners have been announced.

Top 100 Winners Announced from Week 1 Creator X
Top 100 Winners from Week 1 of CreatorX Have Been Announced | © United Gamers Hideout

CreatorX, organized by United Gamers Hideout (UGH) in partnership with Qlan App, is not just another gaming tournament. It’s a vibrant platform that offers an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring gamers to showcase their talent.

This event kicked off with an announcement and awareness phase running from April 24 to May 10, but the actual thrill of CreatorX and the main event started on May 11. The competition began with each game having its dedicated week of competition. Now, the first week ended on May 18, 2024, and UGH announced the top 100 winners on their discord channel.

Let’s take a quick look at what happened during the first week of CreatorX.

Week 1 of CreatorX: Top 100 Winners Announced

During the start of week 2, Mohit Kirar, known as Start Clashing, and Biren Sharma, known as Bullet the Krazy Gamer, reviewed the first week's gaming clips with special guest Hastar, also known as Gopal Sarda. Gopal Sarda is a content creator with about 231K subscribers on YouTube. He used to be a top PUBG player for Godlike Esports but switched to content creation after the game's ban. Now, he is a full-time YouTuber who reviews games and shares his opinions on them.

Creator X Indias Largest Gaming Creator Hunt Cricket Stars ft hastar
Gaming clips from week 1 of CreatorX were reviewed by Hastar, also known as Gopal Sarda. | © United Gamers Hideout

Well, the first week of the competition was very exciting. Many creators posted high-quality content. They not only earned lots of points but also got extra points from the judges, so they ended up with even more.

All 100 winners received rewards from the guest and jury. But for those who didn't win, Hastar gave them some helpful advice on making their videos better. He talked about things like how the video flows, the intro, and hooks to keep viewers interested.

Hastar shared that he's a huge fan of "Doctor Disrespect," a gaming creator, and he's inspired by watching his videos. He mentioned that even if your video is short, like 10 minutes or 5 minutes, it should always tell a story to keep people engaged.

He said, "Imagine there's a video with about 30 to 40 seconds of sad moments. Just when those sad moments are about to end, there's a sudden blast of music, and then the video stops. This keeps the flow going and gives viewers a little surprise, making them feel excited inside. After that, they show some happy moments for a while. Then they add clips of the streamer talking for about a minute, just regular stuff. Suddenly, they switch to gameplay, then back to a slightly sad moment. Finally, they end the video on a happy note with a song. The main idea is to keep the audience engaged, turning sadness into a bit of happiness. It's like a movie – the ending should always be happy to leave people feeling good."

During the stream end, Hastar also joined Cricket Stars for a challenge during a live show. He shared his cricket knowledge and skills with everyone watching.

Join CreatorX Today: Be Part of The Fun Event

If you missed out on participating in Week 1, don't worry—you can still join in Week 2. The competition is heating up, with new creators climbing the leaderboard every day.

If you want to prove yourself as one of the top creators in India, CreatorX is an opportunity for you. It's not just about winning prize money, it's a unique chance to collaborate and use your creativity in making videos. Show off your content and editing skills.

Each week has winners, so even if you're behind, you can catch up by posting unique and fun content.

Additionally, Saturday’s stream will feature a new guest jury member to close out Week 2 and start the next one. So, be a part of this fun, active, and engaging community and join CreatorX today.

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