XDefiant Reportedly Reached 1 Million Players Within Hours of Launch

XDefiant has reportedly reached one million unique players within just 2.5 hours of its release, making it Ubisoft's fastest game to achieve this milestone.

X Defiant Season
XDefiant’s record-breaking launch surpasses Apex Legends’ debut with 1 million unique players within 2.5 hours of its launch. | © Ubisoft

Despite a history of delays and alleged internal issues, XDefiant’s launch on May 21 became a momentous occasion for Ubisoft.

The game, available on PC (through Ubisoft Connect), Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, quickly reached 1 million players. Moreover, at one point on launch day, 500,000 people were playing at the same time, according to a new report.

The game's release journey was full of challenges, including reports of bad behavior among executives and directors that made the development process even harder. However, the team's hard work paid off when they quickly fixed early technical issues, giving players a smooth and fun shooter experience.

XDefiant's success stands out because the competitive FPS market is currently slow, with big games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 still months away. XDefiant has filled this gap, attracting players with its exciting gameplay and a fair financial model that doesn't include pay-to-win elements.

It's hard to tell exactly how successful XDefiant is, but to give you an idea, Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment, which came out in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, had 1 million players in eight hours and 2.5 million players in 24 hours.

X Defiant Best Settings For Graphics Controllers
XDefiant is off to a strong start. | © Ubisoft

XDefiant is free to play, so its success won't be judged by player numbers alone but by how much money it makes from its Battle Pass and in-game cosmetics. The Battle Pass is priced fairly compared to other games, but the prices for in-game items are quite high, which many players have noticed. For example, a bundle called the "Phantoms Prototype" costs 2900 X coins, or about $30, for four cosmetic items.

As of now, XDefiant has continued to grow, reaching approximately 3 million players across all platforms. Ubisoft’s quick response to initial matchmaking issues has been praised, and the game is now celebrated for its high-quality gameplay and entertainment value.

This successful launch shows Ubisoft's ability to overcome challenges and create a game that players around the world enjoy. XDefiant's impressive debut is a big win for Ubisoft and a valuable addition to the gaming world that players will continue to enjoy for a long time.

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