Global Esports VS RRQ - VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Stage 1: Match Summary on GE’s First Win

Global Esports won against RRQ at VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Stage 1. Get a quick match summary below.

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Global Esports has achieved their first victory against Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) in the VCT VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Stage 1. In the past three encounters, GE had lost all of them against the Indonesian team, including the Pacific LCQ Elimination in 2023.

Playing Lineups

Global EsportsRRQ
Bazzi (inactive)Estrella (inactive)
Coach: SpinCoach: Ewok

Global Esports VS RRQ Match Summary

Lotus | Map Pick - RRQ | Winner: Global Esports | Score: 13-10

It became evident that Global Esports were determined to win. They took an early lead by winning both the pistol round and the second round. By the end of the first half of Lotus, Global Esports was leading with a score of 7-5. However, in the second half, RRQ showed resilience by winning five more rounds. Despite this, Global Esports won the map with a score of 13-10.BlaZek1ng caught everyone’s eye with a personal score of 22/12/12 with 262 ACS.

Icebox | Map Pick - Global Esports | Winner: Global Esports | Score: 13-4

Global Esports dominated the first pistol round in Icebox and continued their momentum throughout the game. The first half ended with a score of 8-4 in their favour.In the second half, RRQ struggled to secure any rounds, resulting in an easy victory for Global Esports, with a final score of 13-4. Polvi ended the match at a personal score of 18/9/3 with 296 ACS.

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