SKYESPORTS MASTERS 2024 DAY 3-4: Match Summary, Teams, Elimination & More

The Skyesports Masters 2024 Main Event Playoffs started on 8th April where 8 Counter-Strike Teams are colliding for the Masters Trophy & the prize money of $350,000. After losing in Day 1-2, OG, ENCE, BIG, and Gods Reign reached Lower Bracket Elimination which was scheduled for Day 3. You won't want to miss what's next, keep reading

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Skyesports Masters 2024 | © Skyesports

Skyesports Masters 2024: Participating Team Details

  • Aurora Gaming (Ranking #28)
  • BIG (Ranking #35)
  • ENCE (Ranking #12)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Ranking #66)
  • OG (Ranking #32)
  • BetBoom (Ranking #30)
  • FORZE Esports (Ranking #36)
  • Gods Reign (Ranking #108)
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Player & Teams in Skyesports Masters 2024 | © Skyesports

Skyesports Masters 2024: Day 3 Results

Lower Bracket Elimination

OG vs ENCEENCE emerged victorious in the match against OG on Ancient, the map chosen by OG. The final score stood at 13-11 in favour of ENCE.2nd map was Anubis where OG made a clear statement winning it 13-10. The decider map was Vertigo, in the pistol round, ENCE started with a positive start however OG won the map and made their place in the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals.

BIG vs Gods Reign

Gods Reign's run ends with a 0-2 loss against BIG, who dominated both maps, Ancient and Anubis, winning 13-2 in each game and securing a spot in the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals.

Skyesports Masters 2024: Day 4 Results

Upper Bracket Semifinals

FORZE Esports, Aurora Gaming BetBoom, and Ninjas in Pajamas will face each other in the Upper Bracket Semifinals after winning the Upper Bracket Quarter-Finals, competing for a spot in the Upper Bracket Final.FORZE Esports vs Aurora GamingFORZE Esports gave their everything to win, but it was not enough to beat Aurora Gaming. Aurora Gaming secured their place in the upper bracket finale by winning the first two matches, Mirage and Anubis maps. FORZE Esports fought hard, taking the first match into the Overtime, but Aurora won it 19-16. Anubis was FORZE Esports' map, but Aurora won it 13-7, pushing FORZE Esports into the Lower Bracket Semifinals.

BetBoom vs Ninjas in Pyjamas BetBoom, the CIS representative, has maintained their unbeaten status in the Tournament by overwhelming NiP 2-0. They dominated Nuke with a score of 13-9 and crushed Ancient, leaving Ninjas in Pyjamas no choice but to face OG in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals.


Lower Bracket Quarterfinals

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas vs OG 7:00 PM IST (April 12, 2024)
  • FORZE Esports vs BIG 9:30 PM IST (April 12, 2024)

Skyesports Masters 2024 Live Channels :

Skyesports YouTube and Twitch channels will Live Stream the Tournament.

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