Psypher Interactive: Creating Legacy with Fun Entertainment Experiences

Psypher Interactive continues to push boundaries, taking on projects that challenge them and expand their expertise, with Cosmic Race: Galactic Showdown being their current focus.

Psypher Interactive Creating Legacy
Cosmic Race: Galactic Showdown is the current focus of Psypher Interactive. | © Psypher Interactive

Psypher Interactive, an independent game development studio based in Bengaluru, India, has made its mark with engaging games like Coolie No. 1 Run for Love, Knockout Bowling, Knockout Battlefleet, Knockout Call Break, and many more.

The team, composed of passionate developers and designers, is dedicated to creating games that cater to casual players and younger kids. The studio's philosophy is that aesthetically pleasing gaming materials and immersive gameplay go hand in hand. And hence their work has earned them recognition in the gaming industry.

Psypher Interactive: A Studio Started by Ashish Daga and His College Buddies

Psypher Interactive is an indie game-developing company from Bengaluru, India. It started in 2016 when some college buddies shared a passion for gaming and a vision to make their mark in the gaming industry.

The team at Psypher Interactive is led by Ashish Daga, the Founder and Director. Ashish started his career as a game designer in 2015 when the game design space was highly unexplored. With the support and trust of his friends, he decided to become an entrepreneur and establish Psypher Interactive.

Everyone on the team has different skills and experiences that help make fun and new games, and the main group at Psypher Interactive also has important people like Tsewang Pintso Bhutia, who is the Chief Technology Officer.

Psypher Interactive team
Psypher Interactive was officially launched in 2016. | © Psypher Interactive

The studio believes in making games that look graphically great and are really fun to play. They like trying new things and taking on tough projects to get better at what they do. They want to make a big impact in the gaming world that's always evolving.

Ashish Daga, who leads Psypher Interactive, really cares about trying new things and getting inspired, no matter where it comes from. Because of him, Psypher Interactive went from a bunch of people who loved games to a well-known company that makes games. He's super committed and has big ideas that have helped the company grow and get a direction.

Cosmic Race Galactic Showdown: Upcoming Projects of Psypher Interactive

Psypher Interactive has two major IP-based games in development, CurioCity and Cosmic Race: Galactic Showdown, and is also working on collaborations with other IPs.

CurioCity is based on a city where your child's curiosity meets knowledge through a range of educational and arcade games. These games are designed to systematically enhance your child's cognitive skills. The studio plans to release CurioCity soon and is also upgrading the title on user feedback.

Cosmic Race: Galactic Showdown, on the other hand, is more of a fun racing game where you get engaged in a seamless fusion of breathtaking speed and fascinating aesthetics. It isn't a simple car race game, it's a thrilling ride where you face a heart-pounding wheel-to-wheel fight, and destruction and obstruction become the keys to victory. Players need to use powerful skills and items like grenades, black holes, and mines to outsmart opponents.

Cosmic Race: Galactic Showdown brings you dynamic and ever-changing race tracks that test your abilities, and permit you to encounter path-altering obstacles and engage with different components on the course to block your rivals.

Other Hit Games that Made Psypher Interactive's Mark in the Industry

Psypher Interactive has made its mark in the gaming industry with a number of notable and successful titles. One of their most popular games is Knockout Bowling, a unique twist on traditional bowling that has fascinated players with its innovative gameplay.

Another standout title from Psypher Interactive is Coolie No. 1 Run for Love, a game based on the Bollywood movie Coolie No.1. Players run as the character Raju, escaping from the wicked Rosario and winning the heart of Malti. The game’s beautiful graphics and fun story have been well-received by players.

Psypher Interactive also developed strategic combat with their 3D/2D strategic space combat game. This game offers players the chance to destroy enemy fleets and compete against real players from all over the world.

The studio has also worked on other casual mobile games such as Knockout Call Break and Knockout Dragon Wrath. These games have been recognized for their design, visuals, and the enjoyable experiences they provide.

Other Hit Games by Psypher Interactive
Psypher Interactive has released several hit games since its formation. | © Psypher Interactive

With all such games, the studio’s commitment to creating immersive gameplay and visually appealing gaming content continues to resonate with players around the globe.

Overall, Psypher Interactive is a great example of how passion and new ideas can make a big impact in the gaming industry. People all over the world love what they do because they put a lot of effort into making top-notch games. The studio keeps getting better and better, and soon they're going to surprise us with awesome games that change how we play.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey