Street Lamp Games: A Studio Profiting With Their Fun and Creative Games

Street Lamp Games is all about making fun games and is known for being creative and coming up with new ideas.

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Street Lamp Games: A Studio Profiting With Their Fun and Creative Games. | © Street Lamp Games

Street Lamp Games, an indie game company in Hyderabad, India, is known for making fun and creative games for mobile, PC, and console users. They're best known for making simple games that anyone can play and more advanced games that people pay for.

The studio has developed several gaming titles, including Bombarika and Cubots The Origins, and also offers a wide range of Hyper Casual Games, which are lightweight, fun, and super engaging.

Street Lamp Games and Their Development Team

Street Lamp Games Pvt. Ltd. is a small game studio that makes fun and creative games for phones and computers. It was started in 2016 by Deepak Gurijala, who is now the CEO of the company. Deepak used to work with cars but always loved playing games since he was a kid. He got into making games in 2014, even though he didn't know much about it at first. His love for games helped him build this successful company that has won awards.

The studio is located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The team at Street Lamp Games includes talented individuals like designer Mahesh Athirala, developer Bharat Khalapara, artist Raj Vishnu, and programmers Nikhil Gandhamuneni, Kalyan, and Madhu. They have developed over 40+ premium, puzzle, and hyper-casual games for iOS, Android, and PC platforms.

Street Lamp Games' development team is led by Mahesh Athirala, who is also a co-founder and senior game designer. Mahesh started working in the video game industry in 2014 as a developer and later co-founded Street Lamp Games.

Street Lamp Games at igdc18 award
Street Lamp Games AT IGDC 2018 | © Street Lamp Games

Deepak Gurijala is a passionate game developer who believes in the power of teamwork and the importance of family support. He's helped the studio win big awards like the Indie Prize at Casual Connect’19 London and two awards in a row at IGDC in 2017 and 2018. Deepak also provides mentorship to many upcoming gaming studios and enthusiastic game developers from India.

Major Hit Games of Street Lamp Games That Made Their Mark in the Industry

Although Street Lamp Games have developed over 40+ premium, puzzle, and hyper-casual games for various platforms, they are widely popular for their 2 major titles: Bombarika and Cubots - The Origins.


Bombarika is a fun puzzle game where you have to find and remove a hidden bomb before it blows up. You're in a house, and the bomb could be anywhere. To find it, you have to use things lying around the house. It's tricky because you have to think fast and make smart choices to save the day.

What makes Bombarika special is how it turns everyday items into tools for finding and disarming bombs. People really like it for being different and clever.

As mentioned earlier, it even won awards, like the Best Mobile Game at Indie Prize-Casual Connect’19 London, and another award at the Indian Game Developer Conference in 2018. These prizes show how much people enjoy playing it and why it's a standout game from Street Lamp Games.

Bombarika by street lamp games
Bombarika is one of the most recent games of Street Lamp Games. | © Street Lamp Games

Cubots - The Origins

Cubots - The Origins is another remarkable game from Street Lamp Games that combines elements of puzzle and strategy. Here, you play as a cube-like character called Cubot, who needs to solve puzzles and do some physical stuff to beat challenges. Your goal is to help Cubot get through different levels, each with its own problems, and reach the end.

This game is special because its levels are smartly designed and need players to think strategically. Each level is different, and players have to figure out the best path for the Cubot. People love this game because it's simple yet satisfying to solve the puzzles.

Even Cubots - The Origins got a big award for being innovative and won Indie Game of the Year at the NASSCOM Game Developers Conference in 2017.

Innovation is the Key to Street Lamp Games' Profit

Street Lamp Games is known for its innovative and creative approach to game development. They specialize in creating Hyper Casual Games that are designed for the modern "On the Go Generation". These games are popular due to their simple mechanics and minimalistic UI, making them easy to enjoy while waiting for a date in a coffeehouse or while traveling to the office in a metro.

Take 'Cubots The Origins,' for instance. In this game, players face different challenges like bombs, moving arrows, and fiery obstacles. To succeed, you need to think smart and act fast to guide your Cubot through these hurdles.

This game shows how Street Lamp Games is dedicated to making fun and tough games for players. Their creative ideas helped them become the first Indian company to win the Indie Prize Casual award.

Overall, Street Lamp Games is making a place in the indie gaming competition with its fresh game development approach and impressive collection of award-winning titles. They are getting bigger and better, and they're going to keep making games that people love to play.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey