VCT Pacific - Regular Season: Global Esports vs DFM: Match Summary, Qualification Chances & More

Global Esports defeated DFM, keeping their chances of qualifying to the next round alive. Want to know more about match summary? What are their chances? Read along.

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Global Esports scored a crucial victory against DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM) to keep their hopes alive for qualifying for the next round.DFM who was already knocked out of the tournament wanted to leave the stage with their first win.

VCT Pacific 2024 - GE vs DFM Playing Lineups

Global EsportsDFM
Coach: SpinCoach: Astell

Global Esports VS DetonatioN FocusMe Match Summary

Split| Map Pick - Global Esports | Winner: DFM | Score: 13-10

In this tournament, DFM had a poor track record in Split. GE took advantage of this by selecting the mentioned map. However, DFM had done their homework and managed to end the first half with a scoreline of 6-6.

In the second half, Global Esports appeared weaker in defence, and DFM won seven rounds, ending the map with a scoreline of 13-10. MEIY from DFM was the MVP of the map at a personal score of 21/19 K/D.

Lotus | Map Pick - DFM | Winner: Global Esports | Score: 13-5

DFM chose Lotus as their first pick and looked confident after winning in Split. However, Global Esports had other plans. In the first half, Ge dominated DFM by securing 11 rounds. The match seemed almost over for the second half.

DFM managed to win only 4 more rounds before Global Esports won the map. The final score was 13-5, with GE Russ being named the MVP for scoring 20/7 K/D.

Ascent | Decider Map | Winner: Global Esports | Score: 13-11

After both teams won one map each, it was time for the decider map. In the first half, neither team looked unconfident and the half ended with a balanced score of 6-6.

However, in the second half, Global Esports managed to win seven rounds while DFM got five. The match ended with a final score of 13-11 with GE's player, BlaZek1ng, being the MVP of the last map with a personal score of 21/15 K/D.

Global Esports chances of qualification terms:

Wait for the result of 2 matches

  1. T1 vs ZETA (28 Apr 2024, 1:30)
  2. BLD vs DRX (29 Apr 2024, 1:30)

After these 2 matches GE can confirm if they are going to the next round or not.

Biswarup Sharma
Biswarup Sharma