BGIS 2024 Round 1 Day 1: Overall Scoreboard, Match Summary and More

Round 1 of the BGIS Series began on May 2nd, 2024 and was broadcast live by Krafton on their YouTube channel. In Round 1, 64 groups with 16 teams each will compete. Each team will play three matches, and the top three teams from each group advanced to the next round. Additionally, 32 teams from the overall points table also qualified for the second round.

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BGIS 2024 Round 1 | © Krafton

BGIS Round 1 Group 1 Teams

  • Enigma Gaming
  • 7Deadly Sins
  • Moggers
  • Bolt Rushers Esports
  • Team Hyderabadi Coders
  • 7Hills Esports
  • Infinite Reality
  • ZX Officials
  • The Conquerors
  • Fly High
  • Team SSE Elite
  • IPS Esports
  • Sacred Eyes
  • Mythical Esports
  • Team Moon
  • Team Rule Breakers

Round 1 Group 1 Match Summary

Match 1 - Erangle

Enigma Gaming did exceptionally well on the first map and secured a Chicken Dinner with 22 points. Hyderabadi Coders and 7Deadly Sins secured 13 and 10 points respectively, while ZX Officials managed to claim 7 points in Erangle. Unfortunately, Team SSE Elite, IPS Esports, and Bolt Rushers were eliminated without any points.

Match 2 - Miramar

Enigma Gaming who showed an eye-catching performance in Erangle also earned a huge 26-point Chicken Dinner in Miramar. Bolt Rushers and Sacred Eyes secured 9 points each, However, 4 teams including 7Hills Esports struggled in this match and were eliminated without any points.

Match 3 - Sanhok

Bolt Rushers displayed a remarkable show in the third game and fielded 13-point Chicken Dinner. Enigma Gaming earned 30 points in this match 24 of them came from eliminations while 7Hills and 7Deadly Sins gained 10 and 9 points respectively. Sacred Eyes, Team Moon, Mythical Esports, Rule Breakers & The Conquerors were eliminated without any points.

Overall Standings Round 1 Day 1 Group 1

TeamsWWCDFinishesTotal Points
Enigma Gaming25278
7Deadly Sins01525
Bolt Rushers Esports1722
Team Hyderabadi Coders01421
7Hills Esports01217
ZX Officials01216
Fly High01114
Sacred Eyes0813
Team Rule Breakers0311
Infinite Reality0710
Team SSE Elite028
The Conquerors057
IPS Esports056
Mythical Esports033
Team Moon022

BGIS Round 1 Group 2 Teams

  • 7XD Esports
  • Shoot at Sight
  • Team Last Chance
  • Lava of Champions
  • Team Econic
  • Superrocks
  • MadxEsports
  • Great Esports
  • Ultimate Mirage Esports
  • Zeng Esports
  • Dynamic
  • Echoverse Esports
  • Team Hextec
  • Xieye Esports
  • The Brawlers
  • Team Warner

Round 1 Group 2 Match Summary

Match 1 - Erangle

Great Esports had an outstanding performance in the first map as they were able to secure a 19-point Chicken Dinner. 7XD also demonstrated impressive skills in Erangle and got 18 points.DeadRex and Nexus from the team contributed significantly, taking seven and five kills respectively. Unfortunately, Dynamic Econic Brawlers & Team Warner were eliminated without any points.

Match 2 - Miramar

The Brawlers emerged victorious with a 17-point Chicken Dinner, while Shoot at Sight came in second with 13 points. Echoverse claimed the third spot with 12 points, followed by Team Econic in fourth place with a total of 11 points. Unfortunately, Team Last Chance, Zeng Esports and Team Warner were eliminated early with zero points.

Match 3 - Sanhok

Echoverse won the final map with a gigantic 27-point Chicken Dinner. Brawlers secured second place with a score of 14 points. Lava of Champions secured the third position with 12 points. Xieye Esports obtained 9 points to grab fourth place. Unfortunately, Madx Econic & Team Last Chance were eliminated early scoring nil.

Overall Standings Round 1 Day 1 Group 2

TeamsWWCDFinishesTotal Points
Echoverse Esports12640
The Brawlers11731
7XD Esports02430
Great Esports11727
Shoot at Sight01725
Lava of Champions01221
Xieye Esports01321
Ultimate Mirage Esports0715
Team Hextec0913
Zeng Esports0812
Team Econic0611
Team Last Chance022
Team Warner011

Biswarup Sharma
Biswarup Sharma