How the Last Few BGMI Updates Have Affected the BGMI esports Scenario

The recent BGMI updates have brought several significant additions and changes to the game and left a noticeable mark in the esports scenario.

Bgmi updates
BGMI’s 3.1 update is the most recent one with several new additions. | © KRAFTON, Inc.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), developed and published by Krafton, has revolutionized the mobile gaming landscape in India. It has taken the Indian gaming community by storm, emerging as one of the most popular mobile games in the country. Since its release in July 2021, BGMI has amassed a staggering user base. The game crossed 34 million registered users within its launch week, securing the top position in the Free-to-play category on Google Play.

With 16 million daily active users, BGMI’s popularity is undeniable. However, it's the BGMI updates that play a crucial role in keeping the game fresh, exciting, and engaging. So, let’s get into the details of the recent updates that have been introduced in BGMI and how they have significantly transformed the gaming experience and the esports scenario.

Recent Updates in BGMI and Their Impact on Esports Scenario

3.1 Update

BGMI’s 3.1 update brought in a lot of new things which made the game better than ever.

First off, we have a new theme mode called Skyhigh Spectacle mode where you get a different type of challenge by conquering the Sky Castle and doing treasure hunts. This kind of mode can be interesting in BGMI’s eSports tournaments, even allowing for a more fun-filled tournament. Moreover, with the new RPA 5 Radian Bloom, you can get double the rewards and RP and progress in the game faster. This allows for faster progress in the game and players receiving unique skins that can be flexed in any eSports tournament.

This update also included unique maps like the Ninja Race, Fun Run and Dinosaurs, and Motorcycles among others where players can play in different environments created by developers themselves. Moreover, another mode called World of Wonder or WoW was also introduced that brings different challenges and dynamics into the game.

For the Ninja Race, players require quick reflexes and precise jumps to succeed and participate in an "adrenaline-fueled race against time”. Then Airdrop Wars is a fun mode where players get unlimited airdrops and rush to fight. Lastly, WoW mode has smaller maps and different rules than the traditional battle royale mode, and each map offers a unique gameplay experience. All of these changes allow players to enjoy the challenges solo or with a squad.

Now to forget one of the most important updates (heartbreaking for a few) – 3.1 Helpshift. The game will stop working on Android 4.4/iOS 10 or below operating systems, meaning that the company is encouraging better hardware for the best possible experience. While this seems like a great idea, a lot of players that were on Android 4.4 wouldn’t be able to play the game anymore. This could mean a lot of potential wasted and future eSports players giving up on the game.

3.0 Update

The 3.0 update for BGMI was released on January 25, 2024, and included new gameplay elements, rewards, and thematic content. In this update, the Shadow Force Theme Mode was introduced along with a samurai sword and special abilities (e.g., clone summoning or grappling hooks).

Furthermore, the update introduced significant changes, such as:

  • A new weapon - the Katana or Machete was added that could kill enemies and deflect bullets.
  • The Shadow Force Mode - Shadow Scout Clone skills and Ninja Hook skill was added where the clone skill allows players to confuse enemies, and the Ninja Hook helps climb buildings.
  • Bullet penetration was increased, causing damage to multiple enemies standing in line.
  • The update also introduced character improvements, changes to movement speed, fall damage, and more.
  • Gulag mode was also added, where two killed players face off in a 1v1 duel on an alternate battleground, and the winner respawns on the map.

All of these changes enhanced the gaming experience for BGMI players to a greater extent.

2.9 Update

The 2.9 Update in BGMI brought a series of changes that have significantly influenced the gameplay and esports scenario. To be more precise, the update brought the following changes:

  • The update was based on a winter theme, transforming maps like Erangel, Vikendi, and Livik into Frozen Kingdoms.
  • New features like snow rails, villages, and a snow blaster were added.
  • A new weapon, the Snowball Blaster that could turn enemies into snowmen for a few seconds was added.

Other key additions include the Silvanus and Avalanche X-Suit upgrades, a snowboard and reindeer vehicle, and a Garage Mechanic.

Players and Community Response

The BGMI updates have been met with mixed reactions from players and the community. While the new features and modes have added excitement and complexity to the game, they have also brought challenges.

One significant issue that has emerged is the increase in hackers. Despite Krafton's efforts to combat this problem, including the introduction of a new anti-cheat engine, hackers continue to be a prevalent issue. This has led to frustration among players, particularly in the esports community, where fair play is paramount.

Furthermore, the constant updates in BGMI Esports challenge players to adapt quickly, forcing them to change their strategies often. This demands a lot of time and effort to stay competitive. However, it's crucial for developers to balance innovation with fairness. Sometimes, updates may give certain players or strategies an unfair advantage, causing frustration in the community.

However, the community remains engaged, with lively discussions and debates about the updates and their impact on the game.

The recent BGMI updates have been met with mixed reactions. | © KRAFTON, Inc.

Final Thoughts

Overall, all of these updates bring together a very interesting eSports landscape for eSports players. Even the smallest update like a new map can be revolutionary for the eSports scene of BGMI as it can make a certain mode obsolete while pushing another one to the maximum.

The growth of the esports scene could provide professional players with more opportunities for recognition, sponsorships, and financial stability. The evolving gameplay and tactics may attract new players and teams to BGMI esports, leading to increased competition and viewership.

Aamir Sohail
Aamir Sohail