CreatorX Week 2 Started With 3500+ Registrations

CreatorX, a multi-game competition, is attracting numerous new gamers in the country who enjoy playing various types of games, with over 3500 registrations in the second week alone.

Creator X Week 2 Started With 3500 Registrations
CreatorX Week 2 Started With 3500+ Registrations | © United Gamers Hideout

CreatorX is quickly becoming a hub for emerging gaming talent in India. As it enters its second week, the platform has already seen a surge of interest with over 3500 gamers registering to showcase their skills.

These registration numbers aren't just numbers. They stand for the hopes of many gamers aiming to make gaming their profession. CreatorX gives them a place to make those dreams real, offering opportunities to learn, compete, and progress.

And as they level up to discover and identify top creators in India, their goal remains unchanged: Help Creators Grow.

Games in CreatorX during Week 1 and Week 2

For Week 1, we had Cricket Stars and the new CreatorX mode in the game, and now in Week 2, we will have Team Fight Tactics (TFT).

New Creator X Mode
New CreatorX Mode in Cricket Stars | © United Gamers Hideout

Cricket Stars: Cricket Stars is India's first NFT-based cricket strategy game. For the ongoing event, the game has launched an exciting new feature – ‘CreatorX Mode.’ This feature has added a fun twist to the game, making it exciting for both new and experienced players.

Teamfight Tactics: Teamfight Tactics is a car battle game developed and published by Riot Games. It is a League of Legends spinoff and inspired by Dota Auto Chess. Here, players compete online against seven other opponents to form the team that stands last.

Rewards for Each Phase of the CreatorX Competition

During Phase 1, the prizes are given out every week, and creators can pick from 4 gaming products and accessories.

Talking about the same, Arush "Gaming With AB" Bhardwaj from CreatorX says, "As we level up to find and identify Top Creators in India, our goal remains the same i.e Help Creators Grow- CreatorX is just not a competition for prize money but also is a unique experience for all creators to come collaborate and it uses critical thinking in different ways while uploading a video, etc. Their content style speaks for themselves, and CreatorX is all about upbringing such creators and giving them a bigger stage to perform on."

He further added, "There are weekly prizes during Phase 1, and creators have been given a choice to choose between 4 Gaming Products and accessories. A creator can win again, and again during all 4 weeks and make a spot in The Grand Finals where Cash Prizes await them!"

Copy of prizes

Well, content is king and creators are the kingmakers. And this is a great opportunity for everyone to use their creativity and come out on top.

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