CreatorX Week 4 features “Made in India” Games with 7000+ Creators

CreatorX Week 4 starts with 7000+ creators and features games that are proudly made in India.

Creator X Week 4 features Made in India Games with 7000 Creators
CreatorX Week 4 features “Made in India” Games with 7000+ Creators. | © United Gamers Hideout

CreatorX Week 3 just wrapped up with the exciting season, the third game being 'Brawlhalla,' where lots of contestants snagged exclusive prizes and giveaways. Now, we're getting into the fourth week of CreatorX with a big celebration of Indian creativity and innovation in gaming.

This week, the spotlight shines on games 'Made in India,' featuring the talents of over 7000 creators from all over the country. This means players have another chance to show off their skills and win prizes worth over 20 lakhs, plus weekly rewards and giveaways.

Therefore, let's jump into CreatorX Week 4 and see what game we have in store.

Games of CreatorX Week 4 - Narqubis and Felines of Sarvia


This week, Narqubis is the first game to be showcased at the CreatorX event. Narqubis is a free shooting game for Android. In the game, players explore tough places, team up with others, and plan to rescue humanity from aliens. There's lots to do in the game, like exploring, fighting, and customizing. What players choose affects if they and Earth survive. They can pick different ways to play, like Story, Death Match, and Survival modes.

Felines of Sarvia

Felines of Sarvia is the second game to be highlighted at the CreatorX event. Felines of Sarvia is a fun idle clicker game where you lead a guild of warrior cats on various quests. Your guild’s reputation grows as you complete challenges, leading to better quests and upgrades for your town. In the unpredictable world of Sarvia, Guilds are like adventurer clubs, pooling resources and teaming up for efficiency. They are the go-to problem solvers. They handle everything from goblin troubles to dragon threats. There are four character classes: Mage Knight, Fighter, Field Medic, and Cleric.

Tasks and Points Distribution for CreatorX Week 4

This time around, players need to make content centered around the games Narqubis and Felines of Sarvia. They get 100 points for each video they upload and 100 points for every live stream. Moreover, they get 10 points for each like and comment their content gets, and judges might give extra points. It's a great chance for everyone to show off their creativity and do well.

CreatorX Week 4 Game - NARQUBIS | © United Gamers Hideout

Narqubis Challenges and Tasks

Given below are the tasks and point allocations for Narqubis:

Stream for at least 30 minutes3500YT
Stream for at least 30 minutes3500JIOGAMES WATCH
Complete full mission mode in the Livestream10000YT & IG
Complete 5 levels in Mission mode1000YT & IG
Win a Deathmatch/Play with friends500IG/QLAN
Funny Gameplay Compilations1000QLAN

Felines of Sarvia Challenges and Tasks

Game Walkthrough in liveStream for at least 30 minutes3500YT
Explanatory Video with voiceover5000YT & IG
Win 10 quests in livestream10000JioGames Watch
Collect at least 3 Adventurers3000YT & IG
Collect 5000 Gold Coins in the Livestream5000YT & IG
Defeat 10 Enemies1000QLAN

Compared to last week's tasks, this week's challenges are significantly tougher. For instance, players must create funny gameplay compilations, adding memes and other elements. Additionally, they have to live stream their gameplay for 30 minutes each on both YouTube and JioGames Watch platforms. Completing the full mission mode during the live stream adds another layer of difficulty.

On top of that, instead of the usual one-week timeframe, players now only have two days to complete them. The winners of this game will be announced in another live stream on June 9th.

The semi-final is also about to be officially announced, so it's time for the players to grind and prove themselves to get into the top 10.

The Guest Jury for Week 4

Every week, on the stream, there's a special guest jury along with the hosts Start Clashing (Mohit) and Bullet The Krazy Gamer (Biren Sharma). This week, they have a special guest named VLT Sentinel, also known as Manoj Kashyap, who will be sharing his gaming journey and insight in the "Art of Gaming" segment.

Manoj is the owner of Velocity Gaming (VLT), an esports group from India that he started in 2019. Manoj also makes gaming videos on YouTube, where he has 189,000 subscribers and has uploaded 1,100 videos.

Well, with Narqubis and Felines of Sarvia, there's another chance to showcase content creation skills. The challenge lasts just two days, so putting all effort into completing the task before the deadline is crucial. It's another step toward reaching the semifinals, where a prize pool of 25 lakh will be announced.

For those who haven't registered for the CreatorX event yet, it's time to participate and win amazing prizes and weekly giveaways.

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