VALORANT Challengers 2024 South Asia: Split 1 : Day 12 Match Summary, Point Table, Upcoming Matches & More

VALORANT Challengers 2024: South Asia Split 1 is an Indian tournament organized by Riot Games and NODWIN Gaming. Eight teams will compete in a Single Round Robin format in a best-of-three series. The top four qualify for playoffs.

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VALORANT Challengers 2024 Day 12 | © Nodwin Gaming

Teams Participating in the Group Stage

  • True Rippers Esports
  • Grayfox Esports
  • Medal Esports
  • MLT Esports
  • Orangutan
  • Revenant Esports
  • Reckoning Esports
  • Carnival Gaming

VALORANT Challengers 2024 South Asia: Split 1: Day 11 Match Summary

True Rippers Esports vs MLT Esports

Split| Map Pick - True Rippers Esports | Winner: True Rippers Esports| Score: 13- 8

In the battle of the Giants True Rippers and MLT Esports, the first map split was TR’s map and MLT was defending. In the first half MLT managed 5 rounds while True Rippers got 7 In the second half True Rippers showed No Mercy securing 6 more rounds while MLT managed three rounds. The map ends at a score line of 13:8 in favour of True Rippers. DeathMakeR was named MVP with a personal score of 23/14 K/D.

Ascent | Map Pick - MLT Esports | Winner: True Rippers Esports | Score: 14-12

MLT E-Sports appeared more confident in the second map, which they had chosen to play. Their preparation and self-assurance enabled them to secure a quick advantage of 8 rounds in the first half. However, in the second half, True Rippers regrouped and mounted a comeback, eventually taking the map into overtime. In the end, True Rippers emerged victorious with a score line of 14-12. Techno was named the MVP with an impressive personal score of 31/15 K/D.

Grayfox Esports vs Carnival Gaming

Lotus | Map Pick - Grayfox Esports | Winner: Carnival Gaming | Score: 12-14

Carnival Gaming has not had a good run in the tournament so far, while Grayfox has been dominating against many teams. On this particular map, it was a close competition between the two teams, as they both scored 6 rounds in the first half."The second half was no different. Both teams scored six rounds each, and the map went to overtime. In the end, Carnival Gaming won the map by winning both of the rounds in overtime. The final score was 14-12 in favour of Carnival Gaming. Ezzzy was named the MVP with an impressive personal score of 24/16 K/D.

Lotus | Map Pick - Carnival Gaming | Winner: Grayfox Esports| Score: 13-8

After losing the first map, Grayfox had to make a comeback to stay in the match. The first half was a good start for Grayfox as they won 9 rounds while Carnival managed to steal 3.In the second half, Carnival were able to win 5 rounds, but Grayfox took 4 rounds and brought the score to 13-8 in their favour. Venka was the MVP with an 18/16 score.

Ascent | Decider Map | Winner: Grayfox Esports| Score: 13-4

Carnival Gaming were struggling in the first half as they managed only three rounds for themselves leaving 9 for Grayfox. Their struggle ended in the second half when Grayfox knocked them out. The Final score was 13-4 and Grayfox Esports was the winner of this matchup. Venka again was the MVP at a personal score of 19/16.

VALORANT Challengers 2024 South Asia: Split 1 :Day 11 Point Table

True Rippers Esports651
Revenant Esports6


MLT Esports541
Reckoning Esports532
Grayfox Esports532
Medal Esports615
Carnival Gaming505

Upcoming Matches:

True Rippers Esports vs Carnival Gaming(1st May 2024, 3:00 pm)

Revenant Esports vs MLT Esports (1st May 2024, 6:00 pm)

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