BGIS 2024 Semi-Finals Day 2: Overall Scoreboard, Match Summary and More

Team XSpark and FS Esports dominated their groups in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 Semi-Finals Day 2. Global Esports and Mogo Esports also delivered strong performances, while Reckoning Esports and iQOO Soul showcased their strength in their respective groups. The top 8 teams from the semi-finals will advance directly to the finals

BGIS 2024 Semi-Finals
BGIS 2024 Semi-Finals Day 2 | © Krafton

BGIS 2024 Semi-Finals Group Details

Group A - Global Esports, Hyderabad Hydras, 7Shore Esports, Team Insane, iQOO Soul, Livecraft Esports, RTG Esports

Group B - Team XSpark, Carnival Gaming, GodLike Esports, Limra Esports, Entity, Raven Esports, Prime Esports, Inspiration Esports

Group C - FS Esports, Team Aaru, Team Tamilas, NiY Esports, Mogo Esports, LOC Esports, Team Venom, Magnet Esports.

Group D - Reckoning Esports, Team 8BIT, Vasista Esports, Rivalry Esports, Galaxy Esports, THW Esports, Voltx Gaming, Inferno Squad.

BGIS 2024 Semi-Finals Day 2 Match Summary

Match 1 - Erangel (Group A - Group B)

Global Esports secured a Chicken Dinner, earning 21 points. Team XSpark came in second place with 18 points, 14 from eliminations. SprayGod from Team XSpark was named MVP with 5 finishes. Limra Esports earned 14 points in Erangel. 7Shore Esports and Inspiration Esports 8 points each. GodLike Esports, Prime Esports & RTG Esports were eliminated without scoring any points.

Match 2 - Miramar (Group A -Group C)

Magnet Esports displayed a remarkable performance in the second game and secured 18-points. SarwarOG from Magnet Esports was named MVP of the match with 7 finishes. 7Shore Esports earned second place and got 15 points, 10 came from Chicken Dinner. iQOO Soul and Team Insane gained 11 and 9 points respectively. Meanwhile, Team Tamilas, Team Venom, LOC Esports and RTG Esports were eliminated with 1 point each.

Match 3 - Sanhok (Group A -Group D)

iQOO Soul put on an impressive performance in the third game, securing a 19-point Chicken Dinner, Meanwhile, THW Esports earned 11 points in this match. Areeb from RTG Esports was named the MVP with 4 finishes. Voltx Gaming gained 10 points securing third place. Unfortunately, Rivalry Esports was eliminated with 1 point.

Match 4 - Vikendi (Group B - Group C)

FS Esports did exceptionally well on the first map, securing a Chicken Dinner with 20 points. Team Venom earned 12 points. Brook from Prime Esports was named the MVP with 5 finishes. Entity secured 12 points too, while Team Tamilas managed to claim 8 points. Team Aaru, Mogo Esports, NiY Esports and Carnival Gaming struggled in this match and were eliminated early, scoring nil.

Match 5 - Miramar (Group B - Group D)

Voltx Gaming earned a 17-point Chicken Dinner in Miramar, while Reckoning Esports came in second with 16 points. ShikariJod from Reckoning Esports was named the MVP of the match with 5 finishes. GodLike Esports managed 12 points. Galaxy Esports and THW Esports claimed 11 & 9 points respectively, Unfortunately, Carnival Gaming, Inspiration Esports, Rivalry Esports & Entity were eliminated without any points.

Match 6 - Erangel (Group C - Group D)

Team Tamilas won the final map with a 19-point Chicken Dinner.Team 8BIT earned 13 points in this match. Team Aaru & Vasista Esports secured 9 points each. Veyron77 from Team Aaru was named the MVP of the match with 4 finishes. Rivalry Esports and Mogo Esports obtained 8 points each. NiY Esports and Voltx Gaming struggled in this match and were eliminated early with 0 points.

BGIS Semi-Finals End of Day - 2 Top 16 Overall Standings

BGIS Semi-Finals End of Day - 2 Top 16 Overall Standings | © Krafton

Biswarup Sharma
Biswarup Sharma