Brocula: A Unique Pixel Art Title With Vampire Protagonist by Destroyer Doggo

Brocula is a unique pixel art game by Destroyer Doggo about a vampire who wakes up after centuries and tries to make ends meet.

Brocula intro
Broucla is a journey of hard work of Prateek Jadhwani and Destroyer Doggo. | © Destroyer Doggo

The uniqueness of the games made by Indian developers is undeniable, and now such a unique title is Brocula, an innovative RPG game developed by Destroyer Doggo. It follows the story of Brocula, a vampire who wakes up after centuries to a vastly different world. With his riches gone, Brocula must adapt to modern life by working odd jobs at various local places to make ends meet.

Developed by a team of passionate and creative minds, the game offers a unique gaming experience. The development team’s dedication to delivering a top-notch gaming experience is evident in every aspect of Brocula. The game is set to release on May 9, 2024. Let’s discuss more about this RPG.

Brocula: A Title Filled With Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Brocula is a special game where you play as a vampire named Brocula, who wakes up after being asleep for 500 years, navigates through a contemporary setting, takes on odd jobs, interacts with locals, oversees a restoration effort, and explores dungeons. Here's what makes the game special:

  • Top-Down Pixel-Art Farming Life Simulator: The game is a top-down pixel-art farming life simulator. Players can farm crops and fish to earn money.
  • Part-Time Jobs: Brocula must work part-time jobs in retail or restaurants to earn money. This includes roles in car mechanics, barista shifts, and diner service.
  • Engaging with Townsfolk: Players must engage with the local townsfolk to learn about the modern era and befriend them to get more jobs.
  • Restoration Project: Players manage a restoration project for a deserted church, turning it into a hub for their loyal cult of followers.
  • Dungeon Exploration: Players navigate treacherous dungeons filled with monsters and treasures.

Brocula provides easy-to-use controls for moving around, interacting with others, and completing tasks. The goal is to accumulate sufficient funds to reclaim Brocula's castle and belongings, offering an intriguing mix of everyday challenges and supernatural elements.

Brocula: A Story Based On a Vampire

The game is all about a vampire who wakes up after a 500-year slumber to find his world drastically changed. A car crash into his castle awakens him, and he discovers that he has accumulated an unimaginable amount of debt.

Stripped of his wealth and castle, Brocula must steer the complexities of modern capitalism. He takes on humble jobs as a car mechanic, barista shifts, and diner service roles to earn a living.

Graphics and Audio Are The Highlight Here

The game’s art style cleverly combines the elements of “bro” and “Dracula” in a visually appealing manner.

The pixel art style gives the game a retro feel, reminiscent of classic RPG games and the game’s graphics quality is high, with attention to detail evident in the well-produced trailer. The visuals are stunning, showcasing the rich tapestry of Brocula’s world. Moreover, the game’s visual atmosphere is immersive, which is further enhanced by the various environments that the player can explore, such as the town, the castle, and the ever-changing forest.

Not only the visuals, but the game also features a captivating soundtrack that complements its retro pixel art style. The music enhances the immersive experience, setting the mood for Brocula’s journey. Moreover, the sound effects are so well-executed that they add great depth to actions like farming, fishing, and interacting with townsfolk.

In simple terms, the game’s visuals combined with its audio and captivating gameplay loop, provide a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Destroyer Doggo and Prateek Jadhwani - The Development Genius

Prateek Jadhwani is working hard on Broucla and the development journey has been an exciting one, spanning over two years.

Prateek got the idea from games he loves, like Graveyard Keeper, Minecraft, and Stardew Valley, plus his own experience moving back home after living in the US for eight years.

He wanted Brocula to be immersive, like stepping into another world, where players could see the ups and downs of starting over. Prateek aimed for at least 40 hours of gameplay, letting players shape their own story even after the main one finishes. Although it wasn't easy, Prateek was determined to make it happen.

Brocula game
The main menu of the Brocula game. | © Destroyer Doggo

Now, after all the hard work, 'Brocula' will finally be released on Xbox on May 7, 2024, followed by a release for PC on Steam on May 9, 2024. Moreover, he's already thinking about adding more to the game with downloadable content, keeping the adventure going for players.

Overall, Brocula is a really cool game that shows how creative indie game developers can be. It mixes life simulation and RPG elements in a way that's different from other games. The story is easy to relate to, which makes playing it even more fun. If Brocula does well, it could encourage other developers to try out similar ideas. And as more people play and want more from the game, there's a good chance it could become even better over time.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey