Detective Dotson: A New Mystery Game Set in Modern-Day India by Masala Games

Detective Dotson, an upcoming game by Masala Games, is set in modern-day India and allows players to step into the shoes of a small-time detective.

Detective Dotson
Detective Dotson is a mystery game set in modern-day India. | © Masala Games

Detective Dotson by Masala Games is more than just a game, it’s a cultural exploration that offers a fresh perspective on India. In the game, players get to experience the lively atmosphere of India, with its busy streets and rich culture. They meet colorful characters and solve mysteries that are unique to India.

Detective Dotson, which is scheduled for release in Q4 2024, has already received positive feedback from its demo on Steam. The demo only has one mission called "Who Killed Dad?" Masala Games mentioned that additional missions would be included upon the game's full release.

Detective Dotson is a Unique Blend of Mystery and Adventure

Detective Dotson offers an engaging gaming experience with its unique gameplay mechanics. Players can explore the busy streets of present-day India, moving through various landscapes and using parkour techniques such as ziplines for traversal.

The core of the gameplay lies in investigation and problem-solving. As a detective, players run after criminals, collect clues, and solve various mysteries that could only happen in India. This involves exciting tasks such as espionage, donning disguises, and assembling a team. An interesting part is the ability to pick up and throw objects as part of the gameplay.

The game is also story-driven and revolves around the mysterious death of Detective Dotson’s father, which adds suspense and thrill to the gameplay.

The Storyline of Detective Dotson is Enhanced By its Audio and Video

As stated above, Detective Dotson is a 2D mystery-adventure game that follows an aspiring Bollywood star who becomes a reluctant detective after his father's mysterious death.

In the game, players take on the role of Dotson, who must solve the case by chasing down criminals, finding clues, creating disguises, spying on enemies, and recruiting team members.

The game is set in modern-day India and is inspired by Bollywood and Indian crime dramas like CID. The game is rich with non-playable characters, each adding depth to the storyline. Players can communicate with these characters, recruiting them for missions.

Moreover, Detective Dotson is built on the Unity engine, which allows for rich and detailed graphics. The game features pixel graphics, providing a unique aesthetic that complements its setting in modern-day India. The game has a visual flair that sets it apart, with its stylized blend of pixelated 2D characters against realistic 3D backdrops. As for the audio, Detective Dotson has an original soundtrack co-created by Nikhil Rao of Indian Ocean, enhancing the immersive experience of the game.

All these unique features make Detective Dotson a game to look forward to in Q4 2024.

Masala Games Wants Players to Explore Everyday Life in India with Detective Dotson

As mentioned in the starting, the game is being developed by Masala Games, an Ahmedabad-based studio, founded by Shalin Shodhan. Shodhan is known for his work at EA and Pixar on movies like Toy Story 3 and Brave, and thanks to his dedication, he made a 30-person team comprising game developers, animators, storytellers, and artists.

The idea of Detective Dotson arises from India and the team’s interpretation of it. The game aims to show what life is like in India today. The people making it didn't just look at India's amazing stories and legends but also noticed what everyday life is like there. They hope it changes how people see India.

Players may currently add Detective Dotson to their Steam wishlist and play the demo to get a feel for the game's world. Moreover, the game was also a part of this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC), and players even had the chance to try this new Detective title on their own.

Detective Dotson is Mystery Game
Detective Dotson is a 2D mystery adventure game coming in Q4 of 2024. | © Masala Games

Overall, Detective Dotson is an upcoming fun game that lets you explore India's awesome culture and daily life. It's got fun stuff to do, a great story, and super cool graphics and sounds. The Masala Games team worked really hard on it, and you can tell because everything about the game is awesome.

People are really excited for it to come out in Q4 2024, and it's already changing how people see India in games. It's not just a game, it's like going on a fun adventure through India.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey