Kamla: An Intense, Challenging, Horrifying, and Authentic Experience by Mad-Mantra Games

Mad-Mantra Games guarantees a super intense and scary experience with Kamla, breaking new ground in storytelling and gameplay for Indian gamers.

Kamla by Mad Mantra Games
Kamla is a super intense and scary experience by Mad-Mantra Games. | © Mad-Mantra Games

Mad-Mantra Games' latest game, Kamla is a groundbreaking entry in the survival horror genre. Set in 1970s India, players are immersed in a world of ancient myths and supernatural entities.

In the game Kamla, players become priests performing exorcisms. They're not just playing along but also influencing the story, which is closely tied to cultural traditions. Kamla's special features in its setting, story, and how you play make it really stand out in the gaming world. The developers have put a lot of effort into making Kamla not just a game, but a journey into a world of mystery and fear.

Kamla's Unique Setting Makes It Stand Out in the Crowd

The game Kamla is quite different from all others because it combines traditional Indian stories with survival horror gameplay mechanics.

As you step into the game, you’re greeted with a first-person perspective, which pulls you right into the spooky atmosphere of the game. This way of seeing things isn't just there for looks; it's super important for making the game more tense and making every dark corner feel like it's full of secrets.

The game includes elements like using holy incense sticks to purify cursed rooms and a ghost named Kamla who pursues the player.

Kamla promises a gameplay experience that is both accessible to newcomers and satisfying for seasoned horror fans. It’s a game that will test your nerves and intellect, as you piece together the ritual and avoid the wrath of the entity haunting the mansion.

Kamla's Storyline is Quite Intense and Horrifying

Kamla is a first-person survival horror game set in 1970s India. In this game, you play as a tantrik, which is like an Indian priest. Your job is to do an exorcism, which means you need to get rid of a bad spirit inside a woman named Kamla who's getting married.

In the game, you will explore an abandoned village full of sinister forces and malevolent entities. As you explore the spooky streets and old, rundown buildings of the village, you'll learn about Kamla's troubling past.

Throughout the game, players need to evade Kamla when she becomes enraged, all while waiting for the holy fire to be prepared for the exorcism.

Gameplay of Kamla Keeps Players Constantly Hooked

The basic gameplay of the Kamla game involves looking at materials required for a ritual recipe. To do this, you have to go through dark places, figure out tricky puzzles, and unlock new areas within the game.

Some of these items are scattered throughout the house and are hidden behind obstacles and puzzles. Once you have the recipe, you must use it at a holy fire to exorcise Kamla while also avoiding her when she is angry.

But Kamla isn't just about completing tasks, it's a test of how well you can plan and sneak around. You have to be really quiet, use the darkness to stay hidden, and be smart about how you use your stuff. The game makes you think fast as you use special incense sticks to clear out rooms and say prayers from the Hanuman Chalisa for safety.

Furthermore, players have to be careful with their resources. They'll find ceremonial objects all around the mansion, each one important in its own way. Some of these items are tricky to get to, hidden behind tough challenges.

In gist, Kamla is designed for horror enthusiasts seeking a chilling experience.

Mad Mantra Games' Inspiration Behind the Game

The horror game Kamla by Mad Mantra Games is inspired by classic Indian cinema, Indian traditions, and exorcism. The game takes place in a dark, ominous 1980s Indian Haveli, and the player is locked with a dangerous evil entity and must use tools and items to survive.

The developers at Mad Mantra Games were initially inspired by horror mobile games like 7 Days to Die and Granny, which involve completing tasks and surviving for a set amount of time.

Mad Mantra Games
Mad-Mantra Games is an Indian indie game studio founded in 2023.| © Mad-Mantra Games

Well, evidently with all the inspiration and hard work of many months, Kamla stands out as a noteworthy addition to the indie horror game world. It brings Indian folklore into the spotlight and has been loved by both players and critics.

The game is easy for many people to play, and its spooky gameplay and atmosphere make it really exciting. Mad-Mantra Games has shown how important it is to include different cultures in games, and Kamla might inspire more diverse scary stories. It's not just a game you play—it's an experience.

Tripty Pandey
Tripty Pandey